Alcedo platform

In the current development of crypto industry, number of ATM machines, or simply access to crypto currency for general user is limited and narrowed, when compared to access to fiat currency. Exchange of fiat currency for crypto value is possible on a ATM for crypto, which are rare compared to regular ATM machines or through web exchanges, but for both is common that they have high fees for exchange, which go up to 4% and more.

Alcedo is a platform that is aiming to change this and provide a solution for this issue. Alcedo ecosystem will consist platform or network for interconnection, coin, point for buy/ sell/ exchange currencies over the counter, KATM machines for crypto currencies, wallet, PoS terminal for payments and card.

latform will be used for handling payments, which will accept different points and sources of crypto currency, and be in constant development to accept new types and sources of crypto, such a vending machines, where reputable manufacturers are already supported, but the system is independent, which is important to mention at this phase. Alcedo points are something new and innovative, since this will be points for serving the customers, and to support customers with explanation, but also for conversion of fiat to crypto, with an advice from the expert. It is new to users, since up to now, crypto is related only to web and wallet interfaces, without human touch, to most of the users. First point opened in Germany in September 2018.

Alcedo Coin, with a symbol ALCE, is an ERC20 Ethereum based token, and real coin will be launched in the final quarter of 2019. Main value the coin will drive from reward system when using Alcedo platform, with reduced fees and faster transactions. However, user is not obliged to used Alcedo coin in the process. Total number of 40 million tokens is foreseen for sale, and current price is 0,3 EUR per coin, until end of March 2019.

ICO [01.12 - 31.05]
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