How Amazon regulates the provision of services

In many ways, there are two ways to do something: do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

When learning new technologies, you have to do everything yourself. If you want to create a web page in the 90s, you need to have an internal server (expensive), learn how to configure and manage it. At this point you have to move a finger - new features can help you.

In 2006, about 15 years after the launch of the Internet, Internet services launched Internet Services (AWS), a business that promoted financial viability. Entry for larger calculations.

Unfortunately, another repair service was introduced the same year. It changes the business process in the same way, making it a new brand that people sell online. This service is not called waste by Amazon (FBA).

If you are looking for Amazon, you have a good chance to enjoy the fruit of the FBA. Last year, more than half of Amazon's assets were sold by third parties, most using FBA technology. Let's look behind the guard of 80 billion dollars.

It's the year 2018. A brick and brick button is moving well, and it's time to start selling your handbags online.

It focuses on three different headaches from three to three:

Stock market storage
Sending orders
He's gone to the old question: do you or do you pay someone who does it for you?

Probability possible for e-commerce versions.
If you do not have a lot of money or are in debt, your self esteem may be useless. Even if you can deal with it, the biggest deals and sales tips are a big threat because you do not know if all e-commerce applications work.

Fortunately, the easiest way is to combine the others with a third party like FBA. Just send your products to your store and take a look - they'll handle everything.

His inventory is stored on Amazon and, as an in-depth order, his company treats it in the same way as his own products - placing them in the appropriate box and with the drivers.

Usually, such treatment is paid - the highest cost per person. Amazon can charge you $ 5 for an offer in the same way that your own backup would cost $ 4.

At a high level, this rule is resolved. With Amazon watches, you can get a lot of services that you can do for yourself at a lower cost. Amazon has invested in the broadcast network that can be combined with Prime, corporate robots to meet the demands and, perhaps more secure, a team of traders that can be carried away a bit more.

This statement - offering a premium service provider and the removal of Skim - is anonymous.
With all these facilities for their own blogs, they do not have enough to share with others thanks to the FBA. Sellers are happy because online sales are 10 times lighter, Amazon reassures because other people are working hard on retail products - while paying taxes to Amazon to sell them.

This statement - offering a premium service provider and the removal of Skim - is anonymous. Currently, it works perfectly for Amazon on websites (AWS) and e-commerce (FBA). What is the next?

Finding the right hair loss is one of the most important tips that allows Amazon to reach its current level, but free shipping pays off. Even after meeting members of the group, the company cuts customer satisfaction by $ 7 billion a year.

As a result, wants to close a number on Amazon. In a short time, the company has released shipments to third parties such as UPS and Fedex, but they are now at the level of intelligence that begins with 'depression'. Amazon has launched its own home automation with the Boeing 767-27 and makes a $ 25 million pop and its own sponsorship service provider.

A product of a company on your doorstep. The last trip to Milan is the most valuable.
The last tranche of all deliveries is the cost of the costs. It is easier to transfer 1,000 exchange rates in each country in a large area, but these bags are stored in the local warehouse area at over 1,000 different sales addresses. Delivery companies are still struggling to improve quality, and the last mile is their current location.

Amazon Frelex - a network of business insurers that can call in case of need - is Bezos' new fight in this fight. The die "Uber for delivery" allows Anyone in the car earn money by shipping Amazon products to their area. true advantage of the many models that Amazon can have a great ability to handle the problem. At the beginning of time, they can get more drivers to keep messages and sometimes not have to pay drivers to report errors. He also received "Customer Service Customers" to end Disclosure of the Best Change in Home Service. This new country could also be an opportunity for Amazon to spread its goodwill and improve its practices. Tourists, including Amazon Flex, are often economic-technological technologies that direct them to fewer jobs. The third agent is known to add the delivery time created by the Amazon system configuration settings, which prevents them from drawing the layout quickly and avoids washing vacation meals for a while. Billions of shipments a year to service customers. As Amazon's advice promises "in agreement with the controller" and is "an excellent lifestyle", it is not normal for drivers to drive long hours and end up working, which is less than income. minimum. Earlier this year, DPD Auto fell 19 years and died after leaving office to attend medical conferences and then lose the other three. Although Amazon Flex itself did not have such sad stories, the ratings were far too high. How do FedEx, UPS and other delivery services think about this? With Flex, increase Amazon's requirements in the field of power supply. According to them, the youngest participants in the service have nothing to fear. "He should not replace them," said CFO Brian Olsavsky. However, in terms of interconnection, it does not work well for companies that include many decorations in their Amazon rating. The "R" toys and both parties are partnering with Amazon, but by smashing their E-Young customers, they are placing the keys to their government. Both share bankruptcy shares. Amazon eats its product as a stock. He knows what the future holds for traditional delivery companies. But judging by Amazon's recent recommendations, he was a new boy in the bag. Today, they give themselves, tomorrow it will be for other companies. Before we know it, Amazon will give everything.

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