CoTrader Capitalizes $ 3 Million for Blocking Uber's Hedge Fund Blockchain Democratizing the $ 85 Billion Ethereum Investment Fund Industry in the first month of the operation already has users - fund managers - who are themselves venture capitalists. A work platform like CoTrader is very rare before selling major chips, let alone VC users.

CoTrader is not afraid to sell in this encrypted market as it only plans a modest bid of 10,000 ETH (about $ 3 million) for 20% of its chips. The rest of the chips are actually frozen forever, up to 10 years, sold under a DAICO3 (*), and CoTrader plans to control its highly intelligent contracts to reach the 51% of voters for a truly decentralized project.

CoTrader allows anyone to create a smart fund and start developing an investment performance history by acting as a trader. Everyone can join the Smart Fund as a Cotrader. Cotrades can choose to invest with the best traders. Traders can set their own performance fees. The best traders can one day attract thousands of their own money. If such traders calculate a performance fee of 10%, they multiply their income by 10% to 1000x or 100x. So, if these traders realized 2x alone in a given time, for example a quarter, they would earn 200x if they could still get the 2x while managing larger funds. The best traders are therefore urged not to lose money on their cadrades and optimize their returns. All exchanges are currently over Kyber, but Bancor and 0x will be added soon. US citizens and residents are currently stranded due to heavy regulation in the United States.

The MVP is live on Ethereum at The CoTrader platform is protocol and platform independent. The platform will support all open DEX protocols via CoTrader's Super DEX infrastructure, and its intelligent trust protocol will extend to segmenting all assets across all exchanges, even beyond cryptography.

The sales plan starts quite typically. The project, however, aims for full decentralization. In addition to the team chips, the remainder of the 80% will be sold on a DAICO3 - a model introduced by CoTrader. This means that in daily auctions, all tokens are slowly being delivered to the audience, possibly giving out DAO votes on the exit rate and choosing part of their funds. In the end, the company wants a DAO to examine the possibility of updating the smart contracts of the projects with a 51% control. There could be a lot of struggle for control.

CoTrader COT tokens are automatically used by each fund. 10% of each fund holds COT tokens. This number can be adjusted by the DAO. The use of the token therefore increases with the platform. The platform can now be used with the ETH. After the global unlock time, the money starts to convert 10% to TOC. Tokens can also be redeemed with the platform's winnings and held in a DAO to vote for boosting the platform through revenue. COT tokens can also be used to hide traders' trading strategies by interacting with specific ZCOT tokens that can be used in CoTrader's second-tier ZK algorithms.

The sale of seeds starts in early September and will have the biggest bonus. If you are interested in the project, join all the social channels listed on the website.

CoTrader's goal is to enable people to maximize their ROI with minimal time and skills, so they can not lose money or time and instead enjoy life while they are the best Distributors and investors in the world are discovered and multiplied. win by trying to lead us to the moon.

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