URUNIT the only gambling platform 100% managed by its community! Players control the house, host all the games and receive most of the profit.It is time to change the game rules in the Gambling Universe. To break the established traditions we just need to give the control of the casino, to the players themselves. Meaning, absolutely all games, tables, poker rooms, slot machines, lotteries and so on are controlled by the gamers, they host games themselves and receive most of the profit.This is also the only gambling platform with constantly decreasing amount of tokens.URUN tokens issued during the ICO are the only tokens which will be issued by U Run It. No URUN tokens will be issued after ICO.0.5% of every transactions on the platform made in URUN tokens is "burnt". Consider URUN tokens as "fuel" for the platform transactions processing. This "burning process" is regulated by smart contracts on the blockchain.It means the number of URUN tokens available will constantly decrease.

Gambling Market
Gambling market has been growing year after year. In early 2017 gambling market was
worth $360 billion with $44.16 billion in online games. By the end of 2017, the online gambling
market increased to $47.4 billion. According to H2 Gambling Capital, market share of
online games will continue to grow taking over most of the offline market. By 2022 online
gambling market will grow up to an impressive amount of $81.7 billion.

Gambling market problems
Time goes by, technologies change, but the main principle in the world of gambling remains the same: players come to the casino and spend their money hoping for a quick win.The problem is that the vast majority of players lose and don’t have even a slightest chance to affect the work of the casino in any way. Consequently, the game rules, as well as the
rules of conduct for the players are determined entirely by the casino that strips the players to the thread, and gets its super-profits from them. The players are only cash cows. Signs on the venues, bonus programs and technologies may change, but any casino still operates by the same principal. As a result, gambling market (including online) is filled with
almost identical casinos that gives the gamers absolutely no choice as all of the casinos look pretty much the same.
Thus, the key issues of the market are:
• based on our surveys, casino customers are very venturous people who are constantly looking for action and novelty; they get bored quickly, and are forced to move from one casino to another constantly looking for something different
• it is very difficult for the casinos to attract new players, and they are forced to spend significant part of the profits on advertising, bonuses, affiliate programs and other gimmicks to attract customers
• no matter how much money casino spends to keep customers for as long as
possible, it doesn’t work - customers simply won’t stay for long.
Gambling market has obviously reached the dead end. Of course, casinos try to spend more money, use new technologies (such as blockchain) and come up with new gimmicks to attract and retain new customers, but they are not very successful at it.
The only way out of this situation is to change the basic principles of the casino operation.
How is it possible? It’s very simple. The solution is an entirely new type of casino, the casino managed by the players, who host all the games. In other words, absolutely all games, card tables, poker rooms, tournaments, slot machines, lotteries, etc. in this casino are controlled by the players themselves. Each game is hosted by a certain player. This player determines parameters of the game or tournament he is hosting and becomes the owner of the game for the time being. Let’s say, each game is leased to one of the players for a nominal fee. It can be leased for an hour, a day, a week, or a month. During this lease, the owner of the game not only monitors what is going on, but also performs basic functions of a moderator. At the end of this period, the owner of the game receives most of the profit generated
during his lease. A small share of revenue will go to the casino to cover the expenses for the maintenance of the platform, its further development, as well as allow a little profit for the owners.

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