SABIGLOBAL - System Of Adaptive Biometric Identification

Almost every day we touch upon the topic of data security, consider all possible projects, each of which offers us its own unique protection system. However, we have never touched upon the topic of biometric identification and further authentication of the user to this or that data. It turns out that this verification system is used by about 62% of companies around the world. And by 2020, this figure could reach 86%.

It's hard to believe, but now biometric identification and authentication are used in almost all areas of our lives. It can be banking and healthcare, police, commercial organizations, government, smartphones, smart home systems, and even many applications request this kind of data. This has become very popular as security has become a cult of our time.

However, not all methods of authentication and biometric identification are as good as it may seem at first glance. But so you can see for yourself, I suggest to consider the most popular methods of identification and authentication:

  1. The first and probably the easiest to use authentication method is login and password. Unfortunately, at the moment it is considered to be one of the most inefficient ways of protection, because there is a high probability of losing this data or stealing it. At the same time, you are required to enter all your logins and passwords manually each time;
  2. the second method is an authentication device that generates an access code for further data entry. This method is also quite simple and is not protected from further theft or possible losses;
  3. in the third place of the comparative characteristics is – fingerprint. Here, the reliability of the data is at a higher level, as there is a high accuracy of biometric data. However, this method is also subject to any damage or even further loss. What's more, it can be easily copied and replaced;
  4. the fourth method is based on human DNA data. Undoubtedly, this kind of authentication has high accuracy and reliability. However, this is a very expensive procedure for both data entry and analysis;
  5. the fifth method involves voice recognition of the user. And as practice shows, this method is also a little effective and almost unsafe, because it is subject to easy substitution of biometric data;
  6. in sixth place is the method of recognition of the iris. It would seem that the method itself has the highest accuracy of authentication, while it is also not perfect and is subject to all kinds of substitutions.

In fact, there are other types of authentication in the world, such as face recognition, hand geometry or thermal image of the face. All of these methods are relatively good, but they still have a high percentage of errors and possible data spoofing. It turns out that none of the above systems is able to effectively perform its functions.

Consequently, there is a certain demand for such technology, which would be able not only to guarantee high accuracy and maximum data security, but also to exclude the possible substitution of biometric identities and their further authentication.

About the project and its technology
The project, the idea of which we will consider today, is called SABIGLOBAL. This company has made a huge amount of research in the field of exposure to various electromagnetic rays on humans in order to identify the special signals of the human body arising after the deep penetration of rays (microwave and HF) in the tissues of our body.

At first glance, this may be a little shocking, but believe me this method does not carry any dangers to our body, as the power of such electromagnetic radiation is not stronger than the waves surrounding us, coming from both the phone and from the home Wi-Fi. The technology that allows using electromagnetic rays to obtain a special electromagnetic profile of each individual is called – SABI. This method is unique in its kind because it allows you to identify the individual characteristics of any organism, forming a special electromagnetic handwriting.

Design feature
It is important to note that this authentication method has developed through long-term research carried out in the period from 2006 to 2017. During this time, the specialists managed to achieve high reliability of their system, as well as to establish its high resistance to various hacks and hacker attacks.

At the same time, the system has a number of features that are available only to it. For example, SABI technology is able to produce continuous authentication of the object, updating in real time all its biometric data, as well as continuously keep statistics of other objects, accumulating additional biometric data in your device.

Taken together, this gives a huge advantages of the technology over other traditional SABI biological identities, and identity:

first, electromagnetic data cannot be lost or damaged throughout a person's life;
secondly, due to continuous authentication it is impossible to forge the electromagnetic profile of the user, as it is constantly within the scanning radius;
third, authentication is performed automatically without additional contact with any equipment, which allows to significantly save the user's time during the passage of this security system;
fourth, the ease of use of SABI system allows you to install IT in both corporate and other international systems and organizations;
and fifthly, its autonomy makes the technology even more simple and easy to use, as well as eliminates the human factor and other inaccuracies;

There's more! SABIGLOBAL's development team plans to develop additional MVP products based on its SABI technology. But I will not focus your attention too much on this, as you will be able to get acquainted with them yourself, having studied the technical document of this project.

The details of the ICO
Like any other project SABIGLOBAL is ready to offer us its utility tokens – SABI, the function of which is to pay for all goods and services provided by the company. These tokens are created according to the ERC-223 standard, which allows them to easily and quickly interact with a huge number of crypto-currency exchanges and other payment systems. At the same time, the tokens themselves will have various opportunities given their scope, whether it is a private user or a commercial organization.

In total, the developers intend to create 1.4 billion SABI tokens with an initial cost of $0.02 per 1 SABI. You can buy these tokens in any convenient way both via ETH and BTC. Hard Cap which the founders of SABIGLOBAL plan to collect is equal to 18 million us dollars.

The distribution of coins after the ICO is completed will look as follows:
Given all of the above factors, we can safely distinguish SABI technology as the best at the moment. Because it has a number of advantages and is able to perform all the necessary tasks for the reliable protection and security of any of your data. After the advertising campaign of the project reaches its limit, I dare to assume that many large organizations will pay attention to this technology.

Therefore, I recommend you not to lose too much time and take a serious approach to the study of this project. To do this, as always, I have prepared a list of all the necessary links that you will find at the end of my review.
Official resources of the project SABIGLOBAL:

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