AgroDex Decentralized Exchange Platform: Bitagro’s AgroCoin Project?

What Is AgroDex?
AgroDex is a blockchain-based B2B platform focusing on the trading of agricultural crops and food products. The AgroExchange Platform aims at contributing to the global adoption of blockchain technology by regular people through integration with the e-commerce channel using its decentralized payment platform.

Registered buyers and sellers on the platform can enter into smart contracts, transact with each other, share food related information and track the food prices history from various sources all around the world.

The AgroDex platform is powered by the AgroCoin cryptocurrency that guarantees payments between users on the platform. The cryptocurrency seeks to become an important tool in the agro-industrial market by providing buyers and sellers with a secure, transparent, and decentralized way to purchase agricultural products.

How AgroDex Decentralized Exchange Platform Works
After registering on the AgroDex mobile application platform, they will have access to the large pool of manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural products near the user. All the products on the platform are classified and valued using AgroCoin. However, in order to have access to the products of the manufacturers or seller, users will have to purchase the AGROCOIN cryptocurrency on AgroDex.

Once the user has identified a seller with products that suit their preferred quality and price specifications they can purchase the product by initiating a smart contract with the seller. The platform will then begin the transaction process and immediately contact their logistics partner to inform them of the transaction and organize the delivery of the products.

Additionally, the AgroDex platform carries out all the necessary procedures in terms of product quality control, financial support, and providing the consumers and suppliers with more opportunities in foreign economies.

The platform will then guarantee the transaction by holding the payment in an escrow using smart contracts until the seller delivers the goods and after the buyer confirms the delivery, the payment is credited into the buyer accounts where they can withdraw it.

In addition, using the AgroDex, agricultural producers and farmers can tokenize their assets that can be converted into various cryptocurrencies. They can then use the tokenized agricultural assets to acquire loans without having to pass through the complex and hectic bureaucratic processes.

AgroCoin Benefits
All the transactions on using AgroCoin are secured by Ethereum smart contracts. Both buyers and sellers have electronic digital signature (EDS) that will sign the smart contracts for them. This ensures that the transactions have maximum protection and that trading is secure using the AgroCoin.

Mobile Application
The AgroDex is accessible through a mobile application that enables users to find suppliers or customers of agricultural products, identify the current prices of agricultural products in the market, or even identify the gaps in the agricultural industry.

Implementation Of Blockchain Technology
AgroDex integrates blockchain technology within its trading systems which makes trading more transparent while ensuring the market prices are fair in real-time. The utilization of blockchain technology also ensures that the transactional and operational costs remain low for both buyers and sellers around the world.

AgroDex AGROCOIN Token ICO Details
Parameters Of The ICO
Token protocol: ERC20
Total token supply: 600,000,000
Token sale date: March 27 – June 27, 2019
Exchange rate: 1 AGRO = 0.20 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Soft Cap: $5,760,000
Hard Cap: $72,000,000
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