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WPP Global Energy Platform- review ICO. Alternative energy

Greetings to you, dear readers of my blog. Today I have a cool project for you. The project has a serious potential, and it touches on the topic of an alternative energy source. The project is being carried out by a large energy company WPP Energy.

Energy is one of the products that are most important in the 21st century. Now it's hard to imagine life without energy. Factories, enterprises, and everyday life. All this depends on the sources of energy. But as we swam know the energy is now being received from resources that can at any time end. What will cause a global collapse?

Now they are conducting a lot of research to obtain alternative renewable energy. The most common projects you are well aware of. For example wind energy, biofuel, hydropower, hydrogen energy. All these projects help to get an unlimited amount of energy.
Energy company WPP Energy is well aware of and creates both its own projects for renewable energy and is trying to create the opportunity for growth of the entire energy industry. Now I will tell you what I propose to create WPP Energy using advanced blockchain technologies.

WPP Global Energy Platform.
With the advent of blockchain technology, new opportunities are opening up in all sectors. WPP Energy uses this opportunity wisely and creates the world's first Global Energy Platform. This platform will conclude state and private contracts around the world for the supply of alternative renewable energy. By means of smart contracts, you will be able to purchase alternative energy. The Global Energy Platform will track the production of alternative energy around the world and you will be able to purchase it in your region. To increase the quality of the supplied energy and avoid fraud WPP Global Energy Platform will be equipped with a rating system. That will help to track substandard suppliers and stop cooperation.

The company issues a WPP token that will be the domestic currency of the energy exchange. This opens up new opportunities for states to use cryptocurrency as a payment instrument. The single currency of the WPP also simplifies the organization. The WPP Global Energy Platform will have its own exchange system built in order to avoid problems with fraud. You go to the platform to change your money or cryptocurrency in WPP and use it as a means of payment of the contract. The system uses the ERC-20 system to ensure complete reliability.

WPP Global Energy Platform - will promote the development of alternative energy. Will attract a lot of investors in the field of alternative energy that will give the industry growth. Opens new opportunities as resale of energy by means of contracts.

WPP Energy solves the problems

  1. Allows the creation of new research in the development of alternative energy, which is necessary for the whole world.
  2. Possibility to acquire alternative energy both for states and for enterprises. This is not unimportant for countries that do not have their own resources for extracting energy.
  3. Dines into a single network of producers and consumers, which opens up great opportunities and helps to conclude new contracts.

Pros of the WPP Global Energy Platform

  1. Ability to purchase more than 20 types of alternative energy.
  2. Improves the cooperation of states in the energy sector.
  3. Developing alternative renewable resources by means of contracting. It gives an opportunity to further develop the industry. For future generations.
  4. Developing alternative energy WPP Energy Improves the overall environmental situation in the world.

Development of own WPP Energy projects.
WPP Energy is developing many of its own renewable energy projects and this is not unimportant. They are trying to create a new ecosystem and are themselves involved in this. About WPP Energy's renewable energy products, you can read this link = WPP Energy.

Details of ICO.



Token WPP
Pre ICO Sale Price: $0.20

My opinion about the WPP Energy project.
I really liked this project. It makes a big step in the development of the energy industry. WPP Global Energy Platform will become a unified energy exchange. I wish good luck to the project team. I will closely monitor your work and the following. You make the world a better place.

WPP Energy
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