Veil-first look at cryptocurrency. Already traded on 10 exchanges !

It's no secret that cryptocurrency is gradually becoming new money, more and more coins are entering the market and more and more influential people are joining the cryptocurrency world. But the cryptocurrency has been divided into two types of open with active transactions and anonymous for those who want their money not to be tracked. Today, there are already many types of anonymous cryptocurrency: Monero (xmr), Zcash (Zec), Smartcash (Smart). And they are used in great demand because not everyone is ready to openly show their money and financial operations to the whole world. Today I want to tell you about a completely new project that successfully conquers the world of anonymous cryptocurrencies. The project which will be discussed today is called VeiL. This is a first look at the project and I would like to provide some general information about this project.


Anonymous cryptocurrency of the new generation. The main tasks that are to make transactions completely anonymous and do not track and that they can not be hacked. The project uses advanced technologies Bitcoin 0.17.1 and new advanced zerocoin cryptography protocol for its work. In order for transactions to be completely anonymous, the project uses dandelion, which completely excludes the possibility of tracing this coin.

The veil is already on the market :

Project Veil began to actively develop in the market. The project does not hold ICO fees and has already provided the finished product that the veil offers us today. Exchangers where we can buy this coin, wallet where we will store it, as well as software for the extraction of this coin. Let's move on to each of the items.


The project is already successfully trading on 10 exchanges. What is surprising and today you can see the project on the CMC: Veil

VINEX Network||Bisq|Graviex|ChainRift|Zolex|STEX|BitMesh|Reflextrader|CITEX


Of course for the new cryptocurrency, you need a new system of wallets and the veil project has already prepared the software. A ready-made solution for all who are interested in this coin purse can simply be downloaded from the website. It is already available in three options for all Windows operating systems for Linux and Mac OS. Also, the project developers are planning to expand the range of the wallet and create a mobile version. However, I have no idea how it will look like because we all know that I anonymous cryptocurrency requires a bit of space and whether it will fit into a smartphone and see what the developers offer us.

I have already installed this software and I want to try a veil on my own coins. How it will work, what is the speed of transactions and generally try out the product data. If someone wants to also download this wallet and use this coin, I will leave a link to the wallet and website.

Wallet download


Of course, the projects have already developed their own software that will allow miners to extract veil cryptocurrency. We will talk about all this in more detail in the next article about the project. All information on the site if you are already interested, you can also read and decide whether to join the project as miners. All the necessary software can be found here:

Miner software:



I really like projects that are entering the market with my own strength. This shows that the team despite everything is doing everything necessary for the development of the project. Such projects cause respect, which means that the growth of this coin in the future will be quite high and there is already a demand for it if the projector is located on 10 exchanges and also the price of this project is 0, 28 USD. Anyone who wants to remain our time anonymous will also be suitable for miners which are now difficult to obtain their profits. In the near future, we will analyze all these technologies that use the veil project to have a perfect look at the project from the inside. Thank you, dear friends, for your attention. See you soon.


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