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VEIL - Coin worth mining today ! Hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus system.

Hello friends. Today we will talk about the new coin and how to get it. The project that we will review with you today is called Veil. For those who still do not know. The veil is a new anonymous cryptocurrency with great potential.

The fact is that anonymous cryptocurrencies are quite popular today. And they all have key features that allowed them to climb to the top CMC. For example, I will give such coins as Monero and Zcash with their Zerocoin Protocol and RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions) technologies; these technologies give them anonymity that attracts investors.



But more recently, they have a new serious competitor Veil. The fact is that the project brought together almost all the anonymous technology in place. Zerocoin Protocol, RingCT, Dandelion Protocol and a number of improvements from Veil specialists. And already successfully moving to the top of the market.

Veil mining

Well, I introduced you to the project. Now we will talk a little about how we get this precious coin. The first step on the path of its production will be the installation of the wallet. Because it is on him that you will receive your coins.

Veil Wallet -

It's simple. Choose the version of your equipment and download the wallet you need. Wallets are available for all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOs). Then, in order for us to connect to the pools, we need a Basecoin address wallet. It will have to be generated manually. Stealth address - not suitable for mining Veil.

Go to Settings icon> Advanced Options> Console tab and type in: getnewbasecoinaddress
After that, your new Basecoin address will appear and you can connect to the pools.

PoW & PoS

Veil developers decided to use a hybrid coin mining algorithm. For this, choose the one that suits you best. Since I do not have mining equipment, I will use PoS to make my profit.

For PoW mining, developers will use the ASIC-resistant X16RT hashing algorithm. This is a new improved algorithm which should prevent all possible attacks. The team provided information on how mining will become more difficult over time.

Veil emission schedule


You will also need software to mine. It is already ready to work with the X16RT algorithm. For NVIDIA video cards there are several options for this, you should test each one to achieve the maximum result. Unfortunately, I could not find updated information on YouTube. However, many argue that it is much more profitable to mine Veil on AMD video cards.

Mining software NVIDIA
Suprminer (NVIDIA)
CryptoDredge (NVIDIA)

Mining software AMD
Wildrig (AMD)

Mining pools
For those who lack the power of equipment for the extraction of this coin, can connect to the joint mining. It will not be difficult to do. However, you should also choose the most suitable mining pool for you and do not forget that when connecting to joint production you will need a Basecoin address. How to create it I indicated above.

Veilmine | Suprnova |BSOD|Coinblockers| NLpool | NoSuchPool|Blockmasters|1stMiningPool||

An excellent solution for both investors and those who want to mine this coin without equipment. All you need is a certain amount of coins in your wallet. How to connect to the extraction of PoS? Everything is very simple. Open the wallet then open the options menu. Select the item Zerocoin Minting. Unfortunately, the rates are fixed 10 - 100 - 1000 -10000. There is also an option on the balance sheet. But I think this is for large investors.
Veil Explorer example


The man sent for mining 1000 Veil approximately receives 10 Veil over a period and has already received 50 Veil from his investment.

Block explorers

Here you can get all the necessary information. Watch who extracts how much with the help of PoW or PoS. It will help to study the block height, blockage, number of transactions, transaction hashes.

• Mainnet -
• Testnet -



Generally what can be said. Today the price of one coin is $ 0.3. Well, I am sure that soon they will be able to catch up with their competitors. Because they use the most advanced technology. If the price is Monero = $ 66, then I estimate Veil at about $ 100. Thanks for attention.


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