Trading Competition 🔊 (12 ETH+ 20 000 BCNX). Analysis of the key features of the exchange BCNEX


Hot news from BCNEX

Competition for traders

Hello, we begin today with the latest news. They are very interesting and I am sure, will attract the attention of traders from around the world. The project, which creates a very cool exchange BCNEX now holds a contest for traders. You will be the first to try the new BCNEX exchange and also make money.

The prize pool for the battle of traders is 12 ETH and 20,000 BCNEX.

The prize fund is divided into 4 stages into equal shares. So there will be several winners. All you need is registration on the Bcnex exchange (KYC confirmation) and registration in the contest you have 2 days left.

• If you want to submit an application, please note that it may take up to 24 hours for KYC to check. And you should make a decision today.
• Link to the competition.



Today in my article I would like to emphasize the positive qualities of the Bcnex project. I want to provide some security information for your account and compare protection with other projects (Binance, Digifinex, Latoken, and Bcnex). About the advantages and competitiveness of Bcnex ICO.

The main characteristics of cryptocurrency exchanges:
• Security
• Speed
• Commission
• Design
• App

My work for studying Bcnex:


Perhaps we will start with the most important thing! This is to protect your account from hacking. The stock exchange is the most important indicator that gives confidence to traders. Binance, Digifinex, Latoken, and Bcnex I will register and look at the security features of each project (as a user)

Exchange Two-factor Authentication Anti-Phishing Code Device Management Email Check Graphic key
Bcnex Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Binance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DigiFinex Yes No No Yes No
Latoken Yes No No No No

As we see the cryptocurrency exchanger BCNEX has a high degree of protection. This means that when you exit the project can become one of the leaders of the world cryptocurrency exchanges. I think each of us wants to be sure that his account is not hacked.

Speed and commission

Speed is an important indicator today, as well as high power, allows the exchange to be more efficient during the load. But unfortunately, I could not find information about the speed of issuing trade orders from Bcnex competitors. Bcnex - has announced 2,000,000 orders per second. In theory, it can be redefined that 1,000,000 people will be able to actively trade without any delays.


Bcnex - nothing different from other exchanges. I am talking about the fact that all exchanges will have to pay a commission. The exact amount of the commission on this exchange is not specified, but the developers indicated that it will be cheaper than its competitors. But there is one element that we know from the documents. That the commission will be reduced for payment tokens BCNX. The project provided a plan to reduce the cost of commission for 6 years.




The Bcnex project did a good job of design. This is one of the key elements for trading. The bcnex project interface is suitable for both beginners and professional traders. I often encounter various exchanges in my work, and sometimes the interface of many is so terrible that beginners make mistakes and lose money.

  • First, I want to note that on the stock exchange you can choose a variety of languages. From native Vietnamese to English. So the exchange is suitable for traders from around the world.
  • Secondly - the project Bcnex intuitive menu you can see for yourself. Start trading here is very simple.
  • Thirdly - for professional traders, there is a whole set of tools that you can customize for yourself.


Mobile version. Not all projects have one. But if you want to become a market leader, it is necessary. Let me give you an example of a market leader. Binance their application has already downloaded 1 million people. This means that the demand for access to trading from a mobile phone is huge.


Bcnex has announced a mobile App - however, the beta version is not yet available. I follow the news of the project and let you know when you can install and test it.

My opinion on the Bcnex cryptocurrency exchange


You know that I follow new projects very actively. For the last time, I met a lot of exchanges. However, Bcnex is one of the few projects that I focused on.

❗ Big open team
❗ Legally registered exchange
❗ High degree of customer protection
❗ Design many languages mobile version.

All these elements make the project very interesting. Because now there are too few such projects on the market. Thanks for attention.


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