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No LIMITS! No KYC! DAXICO - Crypto Exchange


Hello friends. Today I would like to share one financial instrument from the world of cryptocurrencies. The project is very interesting. Of course, the project today has a lot of competitors. However, I can say at first glance the project looks very good.

Today we will talk about multi-platform. Which includes a multi wallet and cryptocurrency exchange. The project is called DAXICO, and how can I say the project is very successful running. What can attract customers to this platform and why it is convenient for new users.


Main project ideas
  1. Powerful exchanger.
  2. Cryptocurrency wallet.
  3. No payment for transferring tokens from the wallet
  4. Ease of use of a single platform.

Powerful exchanger

What can I say? I registered on this cryptocurrency exchange. And I can mention not a bad trading potential. At the time of this writing, the daily turnover of BTC was 10,000 (BTC)

Screenshot from my Daxico account


I also want to note the peculiarity of this exchange. As I understand it is decentralized. The project does not require you to even email. What makes your transactions in the inside of the network completely invisible to prying eyes. Keeping your privacy. More than 100 coins are also being traded on the platform.

Everyone who tries the platform project gives a bonus. Low fees for withdrawal of funds from the exchange. In my opinion, it is said about the first month of low commission.

No limits
For professional traders, this is an important indicator. Especially in those moments when it is urgently necessary to withdraw large amounts of money. Trading on DAXICO says that you can easily withdraw your $ 1,000,000 without passing identity checks.

Multi accounts
The DAXICO project does not prohibit the creation of multiple accounts on its platform. They can be used both for trading and simply as purses for storing your cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency wallet

A wallet where you can add lots of coins and store them in one place. Bitcoin and Tokins on ERC-20. Let's say a small cryptocurrency bank. Whatever your coins are stolen there are many different ways to protect your wallet. You they will be offered to choose from when creating a wallet.

Judging by the ecosystem of the project, I see that the wallet is tied to the exchange, and I can trade my coins in real time. It is very cool. Because I can quickly respond to jumps or falling prices.

No fees for transferring tokens from the wallet

Using a DAXICO wallet is also convenient. The wallet does not charge any transaction fees. And this means working with a DAXICO wallet you can save a lot. Of course, provided that your transactions are regular.

Ease of use of one platform
Convenient platform. Totally anonymous. With a wallet where you can store more than 100 currencies. With a comfortable barge and without restrictions. DAXICO, in my opinion, the whole successful project. Well implemented.

Menu from the personal account of DAXICO


Mobile version
The only thing I did not find the mobile version of DAXICO is that they may have their own software for smartphones. Well, judging by the materials that I find in the network it exists.

DAXICO forum
I also found a forum on their site. Which can be useful for newbies and they will be able to find the answers. Most projects just don’t have it that surprised me. In the communication on the form, I understand that people can help improve the project. And this makes DAXICO an even more attractive project.

Screenshot DAXICO forum



Well, I saw a lot of projects. Daxico stands out. I am for the anonymity of the network for this particular exchange is of great interest. I can not say that the limits somehow affect me. However, regular registration with confirmation of identity is annoying. I'll try to use the wallet for personal purposes, I will look at how much it will be convenient. In principle, the idea is old, but the project is very well executed.

Thanks for attention.

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