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Dear friends. We all know how cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are changing our world today. More and more unique projects are entering the market. Which offer unique solutions for our users. The project that will be discussed today is a global taxi service on the blockchain. Imagine an Uber company that works with cryptocurrency cash and bank cards. Of course, many will say that there is nothing new here. However, this project serves as an improvement to existing taxi services. We all know that this is a huge market. In every country in the world, you can find a taxi service and book a car to get to the airport or to the station. But this industry is constantly evolving. With the use of new technologies, it will allow both customers and the driver to get more profit and easier to order transport. The ideas of the projects themselves are fundamental. Using the blockchain technology mobile taxi service application will be easy to scale. And perhaps soon the project that we are considering will appear in every country of the world.


So what is DRIFE? This is a unique mobile platform based on the EOS blockchain. It creates a unique taxi service like Uber with the integration of cryptocurrency as a fare that is easily scalable around the world. The main project idea is to give customers the ability to quickly and easily order a taxi. It also allows drivers to connect to the DRIFE program and make money. This project has a radically new concept for drivers. The fact is that the conditions of each company may differ. Here everything will be easier. The conditions for becoming a driver in different companies are completely different. Percentage of freight or fixed price. But the project DRIFE offer your driver 100% payment for their services. This is a fundamental decision. All that a driver needs is to pay an annual subscription to this platform where he can carry out orders. Since the cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency world is mostly decentralized. Scaling around the world this taxi service will be extremely easy. Consequently, we can take advantage of the project anywhere in the world.

Why do most drivers want to join this platform and try out new technologies? They will receive orders. And they will not overpay for their own pocket, as marketers of this project tell us, it will be about 18-30% percent more profit for the driver. For passengers, this will also be a new solution. You can easily order a taxi through the application using DRIFE coins (by using them you are covered by a loyalty program) or use cash to pay for travel. Conveniently simple.

How does the payment system work?


The fact is that we all understand that it is dangerous for a stranger to get into a car. For this, the platform will conduct a full check of drivers. I think it will be a complete identity check, driving experience, information about the accident and the presence of a criminal record. To maximize client security platforms. The team also pointed out that the mobile application will have geo location and a quick request for assistance if needed. It is good that the team mentioned this because unfortunately there is always a risk. I hope that this system will function and there will be no accidents involving DRIFE drivers.

Mobile application

As you already understood the application will be for mobile devices. The team has already released a video of how the application will look. The team already has a prototype. For those who are interested in the world of technology, clicking on the link will give you access to MVP. For better performance, the team chose the EOS blockchain. It is proven that mobile applications on it are much better. For those who do not want to consider MVP, you can watch the video and see what the final DRIFE product will look like.




The idea is simple and clear. Team Good Painted the main idea. This is a working business that does not need anything new. Create an application I do not think this is a difficult task. In general, from the point of view of the idea, I really liked the project. I will follow its development. I hope that in my country I can also use this project. And we hope for the integration of cryptocurrency in everyday life.


🌏Website: https://www.drife.one/
📃White paper: https://www.drife.one/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Drife-Whitepaper-v1.0.pdf
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