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The business of the new generation is advertising campaigns in social networks, blogs and on YouTube. Bloggers shoot reviews, monetize their knowledge and make money on advertising. This method of income becomes more popular. But how to integrate your business into this social network? And how to find those who will promote your product. It turns out that one team found solutions to this icing up social network + blockchain + business. Creating a unique concept for promotion on the Internet.

The project we are reviewing today is called FlipNpik - this is a finished product that is looking for new users around the world. This social network is a new generation that is suitable for all who want to get a little cryptocurrency.

Project FlipNpick

These are applications for local business promotion and personal data monetization. Also, all members of the social network FlupNpick will earn coins. The project is built on blockchain technology. By this, it gives the opportunity to monetize your posts, like Steemit (for example). So who will generate the payment you ask? Local companies that need high-quality advertising. Photos of small positive posts about their institution or gym. The seat map will be available to all FlipNpick users. Well, readers of the platform will not be left aside.

For business

For business, the FlipNpick app is the real solution to most problems. Since you do not have to order any bloggers advertising. And people who use your coffee or gym will be happy to share information about you. With the show, you spend the sale and everyone will know about it. You have opened a delivery service and everyone will know about it. Yes, you as an advertiser will have to pay labor. But the price of such advertising will not be very expensive. And the number of new visitors can exceed all expectations.

Monetization of personal data

Are you an advanced blogger who likes to have a cup of coffee in the city and publish a new article? So why not take a selfie in a coffee shop and earn a little cryptocurrency that will allow you to pay for this coffee. A good way to make some money. I would try.

For users

What we get as readers. First, we can also earn a coin. For voting for the one who posted the post. We will also be updated on the latest news. We will be able to quickly look for discounts or get a reliable review of the institution. I think it will be clear if no one writes about a bad restaurant.


An interesting decision. I heard that the application has been running since 2017. There are several active cities. Let's say in such cities as Paris or Singapore this application is actively working. I set it myself, but I did not have enough time to register in it. There is a connection via Facebook, but now I don’t use Facebook on my mobile so as not to be distracted from work. Maybe try to install in the near future.


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