BCNX 1 : 1 XRP ! BCNEX visited UCIM in Hong Kong on June 21!


BCNEX is a unique Vietnamese project that creates the official cryptocurrency exchange of Vietnam. It will provide the highest speed on the market in 2,000,000 transactions. As well as the team is actively working to protect their project from all sorts of hacker attacks. In order to create a unique, cryptocurrency exchange for Vietnam and the whole world. And these are not simple words. The team is actively working. There are new partners, named in IT-technologies, and the project successfully conducts ICO company. On this project, I have already published many works. And I try to keep you informed. I can say one thing, news comes in every week. Unlike most projects. The BCNEX project team dedicates investors and all those who follow the project about new achievements and plans.

In today's article, we will discuss several stages. To begin, analyze the news of the crowd sale, then we will discuss the latest news about the exchange of BCNEX to Rippl. And also look at the presence of the project at UCIM. In general, this latest news highlights what was said earlier. The team is very successful. And promotes your project. As with the ability to search for new investors. Opens up new investment opportunities. They give an opportunity to their investor. At this stage, fix their investments. Attend all possible international conferences. Undoubtedly, I could not miss this fresh news not to inform you. They are very important for the further development of the project.

Crowd Sale Session


Fundraising continues. Now there are 2 Btc and USDT sessions available. The team managed to implement 26,812,452.25 BCNX out of 50,000,000.00 BCNX. I think that the team will soon complete the fundraising with Bitcoin. I want to inform you that on June 17 an additional session will open for which you can purchase tokens using the BCN coin. In general, the team managed to realize 41% of the Hard Cap is 30 million dollars. For today the team managed to collect almost 100 bitcoins. The fact is that I think this collection is influenced by the latest news, which we will talk about now.

BTC Session | USDT Session | BCNX - BCN Session



The investor does not sleep Ripple, take it! In general, this is a unique marketing ploy from the company. You heard right this is no joke. The team has announced that you can record your profits. The team has enabled all owners of BCNX tokens to exchange them for XPR ($ 0.38). I have not seen this before. This is the first ICO in a long time that brings profit to investors. The fact is that at Pre Sale the price of the token was equal to $ 0.1. Now you can exchange coins for XPR 1: 1 ($ 0.38). This exchange window will last until June 30.

Of course, no one forces you to exchange coins. One when the team gives such an opportunity, you should not release it. I think this is a better commercial move from the project. In this way, the team managed to collect 100 more Bitcoins. Want to know why? And the answer is simple: the price of investing in Bitcoin is equal to $ 0.30. The price of oranges when exchanged for XPR ($ 0.38). You can quickly earn $ 0.08 for each purchased coin.

$ 1,000 / 0.30 = 3333 BCNX
$ 1000 / 0.38 = 2631 BCNX

Profit 701 BCNX ($ 266.38) with each $ 1000

I think amazing news for all those who want to consolidate their achievements in this project. The first investor can save some part of the capital and even earn money on it. It also shows that a capable team performs such operations. The team confirms its liquidity. With the terms and conditions of the event, you are best acquainted on the official pages.




Well, what can I say, after the participation of the project in the Asian summit, we observe that the team is going to Hong Kong? Judging by the visit, the project will look for new investors. The fact is that the UCIM IO platform helps quality startups to find investors. Therefore, a unique project BCNEX was invited to the UCIM platform. Judging by information from the Internet, this platform connects the investor only high-quality project. There is an official confirmation from the UCIM project and from the BCNEX company that on 21st they will hold a conference in HONG KONG.

Should have a positive effect on the further growth of this project will also help attract new investors. Well, the participation of possible summits and the availability of the finished product can give a high price on the token.



The team is actively working. The team has a lot of ideas. The latest news is great. Seen Progress How this project is developing. If you are interested in the cryptocurrency world. It is worth paying attention to the BCNEX project. Thanks for attention.

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