🔊 BCNEX🌸News - Participation in the Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit 2019. Opening of the new BCNX trading pair -USDT. Contest for traders Jun, 08 - Jun, 22.


Greetings Steemit. I continue to inform you about the latest news on one amazing project called BCNEX. I really liked this team, which is why I am so interested in the further development of this ICO project. In general, the project receives only positive news. Looking through their Facebook and Twitter feeds, I saw great news that I would like to share with you. Let's start to consider the latest news about this project.

Participation in the Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit 2019


I can say the other day, on 01-06-2019, the annual blockchain technology summit was held in Singapore. Where many companies from the Asian region were invited (Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand). The BCNEX team was also invited to this summit. This shows that the team is working in the right direction. By participating in a public discussion of the blockchain technology in their region, the BCNEX team can find many new partners. Companies from all over Vietnam actively participated in this summit. What gives an additional opportunity to conclude deals in this region. So the BCNEX team is positioning its product as the official cryptocurrency exchange of Vietnam. An official statement of partnership has not been received; the team may soon publish a new press release of new partners. At least it was possible to attract new startups to list the tokens on the Bcnex exchange.

Also participating in this summit can attract new investors, and this is very important. Now the project is successfully moving towards the goal implemented almost 40% of the planned coins. However, the project has room to grow.

Twitter Bcnex: https://twitter.com/bcnex_net


Financial news


One of the important financial news is the opening of a new cryptocurrency pair to invest. The team follows its program and has opened up the opportunity to invest in usdt. Prices for 1 project token in USDT will be $ 0.35. As mentioned earlier, the team gradually increases the cost of investment in its project, and also increases the price of its coin. But do not forget that the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin still remains the price is $ 0.29. It is worth considering that after the participation of the project in the Asian summit, the number of new investors may sharply increase. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to get a profit.

Investment sessions available today


New partners


For all those who missed this important news, I would like to repeat it. In the last article, I published information that BCnex has entered into a number of partnership agreements with two major global companies. These are companies with vast experience in the field of IT-technologies. Which partners are the largest world companies? CMC Telecom and Akamai will help the BCNEX team cope with any DDoS attacks. I analyzed this information in more detail in order to gain an understanding of the capabilities of these companies, how they can affect the development of the BCNEX project. And I was extremely pleased that the team was able to conclude these partnership agreements.

For all those who want to explore this issue on their own, I would like to offer you to see the official press release from the SMC Telecom team. CMC Telecom Press Release



For traders from all over the world, it will be interesting that the team extended the contest for traders. You can take part in the competition which is held by the BCNEX team. One of the first to experience the possibility of a new cryptocurrency exchanger and get a good cash prize. Also, at the same time, you will be able to register on this platform that in the future will help you to trade on it without difficulty This competition is suitable not only for traders as well for all those who want to experience the possibilities of this project. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions of the competitions by going to the BCNEX website. Hurry up the next tour will be from Jun, 08 - Jun, 22.




In conclusion, we can say one team is actively working. This is a good sign for the further development of this project. I hope the team has managed to find new partners at this summit. I hope the team will be able to assemble a Hard Cap. I will also actively continue to tell you about this project. Because I really like him very much. Maybe I will be able to emphasize only the features for you.

Thank you, dear friends, I see you soon!

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