Asobi Coin is a platform for the distribution of secondary content. ICO


Good afternoon dear friends. I have a very interesting project for you from Japan. The project is holding an ICO now, and you can join. The project is developing a very well-known company Asobimo. They are developing a unique platform in the distribution of secondary content.

The market for mobile apps is growing by leaps and bounds. This extraordinarily large area is expanding every day and is not going to stop. Revenues of the entire mobile application industry are reaching transcendental numbers.

According to statistics, a huge increase is expected by 2020. The market will be about $ 189 billion. You also need to consider that according to statistics, only 46% of the population have smartphones for 2016.

The Japanese company Asobimo wants to use blockchain technology to create a secondary content market. According to the statistics of Asobimo, the secondary content market at this stage exceeds the primary market. Therefore, the company creates a unique project.

Official video of the project.


About the project Asobi Coin
The Asobi Coin project creates a unique market for sales of secondary digital content. The ecosystem-based on blocking technologies will be called ASOBI MARKET. ASOBI MARKET will have a decentralized protection system (DSS), which determines ownership of digital content using the blockchain. What can we sell on the platform? We can easily sell almost any content. Bought a book, music, video purchased games and game items. ASOBI MARKET in permission from a large number of digital content services gives the user the right to own content. That allows platform users to resell content.

At the back of ASOBI MARKET, digital content can be sold an unlimited number of times. You can buy ASOBI MARKET products and then after using it is free to sell them to the secondary market.

The ASOBI WALLET special wallet will work in the system. Using this wallet you can buy and sell content in the nutria of the entire system.

ASOBI MARKET (First demo version)


The exceptional feature of ASOBI MARKET
The main problem of publishers is that content is sold once a limited number of times. However, ASOBI MARKET opens up a new secondary content market for publishers.
ASOBI MARKET will pay profit to the “Copyright Holder” “Publisher” and “Author”. What allows you to earn on the resolution of the entire state of the content. Each information about the transaction is recorded in the blockchain.

Opportunity for users. ASOBI MARKET
A unique ecosystem that will allow us to freely acquire new content, after reading one book we can exchange it for a friend. We can freely sell the boring audio. Having bought something new in the nutria system.

For fans of video games, ASOBIMO together with SWITEX Gmbh has created a unique NAGA VIRTUAL platform in the nutria of the ASOBI MARKET ecosystem: NAGA Virtual, a secondary content platform for game items. All transactions for the sale of items previously were not protected and not legal. NAGA VIRTUAL solves this problem as game publishers will earn revenue. And buying a game item you will be sure to get it.

ASOBIMO, Inc and Asobi Coin
ASOBIMO, Inc A large gaming company. It was founded in 2003.
He has many own game projects. Avabel Online, Toram Online, Iruna Online has a total of 50,000,000 million downloads.
Asobi Coin - has a value. It can be used in games such as Avabel Online, Toram Online, Alchemia Story, Iruna Online
ASOBIMO, Inc. opens up the possibility for the implementation of Asobi Coin in other projects.

ICO details


Company Advisors




Token ERC-20
Coins issued 16,500,000,000
ABX Price 1 JPY (approx. 0.01 USD)
Soft Cap(※reached) 550,000,000 JPY (approx. 5,000,000 USD)
Hard Cap 5,500,000,000 JPY (approx. 50,000,000 USD)

Study carefully the project, I realized that Japanese designers create the best designs. The project opens up many opportunities and creates a new unique market. Both developers and users will all benefit from the use of ASOBI MARKET.

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