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Hello friends. Today my post will be devoted to one project. For which I have been watching for a long time. I have already published on him a lot of materials. Therefore, I would like to collect them in one article and draw a conclusion. As you may have understood, it will be about the BCNEX project. Really quite an interesting project. The project creates an official Vietnam cryptocurrency exchange. Even from the majority of projects that we see on the market today, yes, I can say that the team is actively working. Provides all the necessary information about new partners, about new investors that caught my attention. In this article, we will talk about the product, the future plans of the project, look again at the partners, discuss the course of sales of the project tokens, and also look at their active participation in various summits.



BCNEX is the future official exchange of Vietnam. Which contact all Indonesia and European cryptocurrency markets. This is a project that creates a reliable exchange, with maximum protection against hacker attacks. And not only this is the key features of this project. High transaction rate of 2 million makes this exchange one of the fastest in the world today. As you already know, blockchain technologies are actively developing in Vietnam. BCNEX is able to combine them. A high level of security will be able to give the coins placed on this exchange. High liquidity is the main goals of this project.

What else can you add for this project? The project has an excellent design. Which is suitable for all traders. Starting from the colors of the exchange, which is very pleasant to work at night. Finishing a comfortable design for traders. You can see it for yourself on the BCNEX website. All blocks of the exchange are conveniently located for traders. Clear, intuitive interface that even a newbie in trading can handle. Like all major cryptocurrency exchanges for convenience, the team releases a mobile application. Using that wherever you are you will be able to carry out transactions and sell any coins. The application will be available for mobile devices on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, we have not been given a prototype yet. But the team assures soon it will appear. Now the team is actively working on various exhibitions and sales of their tokens.

I want to pay special attention to the security of this project. Firstly, since this is the official exchange, identity verification is required here. Secondly, there is IP authentication, if your account is logged in from a different IP address or from another browser you need additional water passwords and authentication keys. What gives you reliable protection. If scammers try to use your password, they will have problems logging in. Thirdly, in the system, you can connect additional account authenticators. As we know it is now very reliable protection. Google auntificator or SMS authentication, the choice is yours. But it is an indispensable element that will protect you from intruders. And this tool is mandatory on this exchange. Fourth, I really liked this anti-phishing feature. I think you do not need to explain the benefits of this protective tool. But I want to note that every day fraudsters try to steal our passwords. And such protection will allow you to understand that the site to which you switched is not a fraud. The team did a good job of protecting the project. I also entered into a partnership agreement with CMC Telekom and Akamai that will provide all their experience to protect the BCNEX exchange from DDoS attacks.




The BCNEX project does not want to stop creating only one exchange. The documents do not have this. But this information can be obtained from the project team. Or by reading their Media publications. The team wants to create a whole ecosystem which will have everything needed to advance the development of projects. Also, give a lot of tools for investors by creating a Projects Info system. receive information about projects. Learning Center - a learning center will also be available for all blockchain specialists, and for those who want to learn blockchain technologies. Fiat Exchange Platform - where you can work with cash, buy, exchange cryptocurrency for cash or invest cash. In general, this set of tools that will improve the development of Vietnamese projects will provide an opportunity to promote projects. They will give all the necessary tools for investment.



Partners are important in any business. Partners help the project to develop. Sharing experience and knowledge in the framework of partnership agreements, provide an opportunity to use joint development. And also create the most important reputation project. With good partners in place, you can quickly get high-level customers and consumers trust.

Why I focused on partners. For me, this is important. You do in the way you know in the world of cryptocurrency investments are many scammers. They use other people's logos to attract customers, but in fact, they have no partnership agreements. Therefore, every time I join a project. I try to explore partners. And find confirmation of cooperation.


BCNEX project has really good partners. I found this confirmation. All agreements with the Bcnex project were also confirmed by the partners on the official news portals. PoolSourcing Global - which deals with the licensing of trademarks and other legal transactions related to the registration of trademarks and the project. Bytecoin- which occupies the 47th position in the world of cryptocurrencies. Also our project partners. And this is confirmed in the official Reddit channel Bytecoin. As you can guess they have a lot of experience. And they can help the BCNEX project in the development of cryptocurrency exchanges. And the last two important partners, in my opinion, are CMC Telecom and Akamai. Which will provide all the experience in IT-technology protection of the project from DDoS-attacks, this information is also officially confirmed on the CMC Telecom website in the news section. So that you understand CMC Telecom is the second largest company in Indonesia that provides Internet services and other Internet-related services to both state-owned companies and a corporation like Google.

This information is verified, all links are in my past articles, or you can easily get this information on partner sites.

Crowd Sale


The team now holds the main sales, fundraising for the development of the project. And this is very successful. First, the team managed to realize all the coins on Pre-Sale (15.000.000 BCNX - $ 1.000.000 $ 1BCNX-0.1 $). Secondly, at ETH Session, the team implemented coins at 13,320 ETH. Thirdly, the Bitcoin Session team has already collected almost 1006 BTC or 69% of the scheduled fees. The team has increased Hard Cap from $ 15 to $ 30 million. That confirms the success of raising funds for the development of the project. Also available are two more Sessions in USDT and BCN. Opening BCN Session already took place where 0.11% was implemented.


The team also opened up the possibility of exchanging their coins one by one for XRP coins. That allowed many investors to already fix their profits at this moment. Even investing in Bitcoin remains profitable at the moment because you can exchange coins for XRP and get a small plus.

BCNEX and project participation in Blockchain technology summits


The team is actively working to promote the project. Now the project team actively participates in all summits of the Asian region. A team recently visited the Asia Blockchain Summit. Where many large companies from Thailand, Vietnam and all of Indonesia participated. The summit, which brought together more than 1,000 guests from all industries. They discussed issues of further development of the market. Questions on the creation and development of blockchain technologies in Asia. And other important issues related to the blockchain technology. The project team was invited to attend.

The team is now heading 21st to Hong Kong. Where the summit will be organized by the UCIM project. It will also be attended by a large number of large investors, news agencies and major start-ups. For the team, this is a good opportunity to get more sales before the end of the ICO. Also, conclude new partnership agreements with new large startups about placing takins on the BCNEX platform. It has already become known Who will perform on the UCIM platform. From the BCNEX team will be PHAM VAN PHUONG Co-Founder & CTO. We wish you success in promoting the project at the UCIM summit.


Contests from the project


The project team is also actively working in a social plan. It attracts more and more new traders and attention to their project. I now focus on the competition for traders and the new AirDrop from the BCNEX project.

Contest for traders

Beginning April 15, the BCNEX Codeman on a stock exchange holds a major competition for traders. 24 ETH + 40000 BCNX were allocated for the competition. Where each registered user could get into a match and carry out trade deals on certain pairs to win not a lot of cryptocurrency. And also get acquainted with the possibilities of this cryptocurrency exchange. For the last competition which will take place Jul 8 - Jul 22, 3,500 people have been announced at the post office. You can also participate. By registering on the exchange and submitting an application for participation in this competition, you still have such an opportunity. With all the conditions of the competition, you can find on the official website of the project.

$ 2,000,000 XRP airdrop event

A few days ago, the team began to hold a large-scale competition. Having fulfilled the conditions of which you can get $ 25 XRP a little more you can get if you use the referral program and invite friends. The contest conditions are very simple. For each stage, you will receive $ 5 XRP. For starters, this is a $ 5 XRP registration. Passage of KYC 5 $ XRP. Then it's like and share contest (Facebook and Twitter) Where you can get $ 10 in XRP. And XRP Wallet for listing rewards where you get your XRP and get another $ 5 XRP. Contest terms are very simple and accessible to everyone. I advise you to hurry to register on the platform and get a small bonus for this as well. If you want to participate in the Trading Contest, you do not have to re-register.




Separately, I would like to express my gratitude to the project team. Despite numerous competitions, the team is actively working in social terms. I easily get answers to any questions concerning the project. The team respects its community. It provides timely information about the project. Conducts active work in social networks. That allows us to users investors to stay always up to date. This once again underlines the legitimacy of the project, unlike other projects on the market. Undoubtedly, the team will be able to implement in the project a quality customer support service 24/7. What is also important for their product. Thank you for your work.



I hope after reading this article you will see the key moments of the development of this project. I tried to emphasize to you the most important thing. To emphasize the quality of the product, to emphasize the quality work of the team. All information contained in this article is confirmed both on the BCNEX project and on the websites of the partners with which they cooperate. My opinion on the project you already know. Great product. Maybe BCNEX can beat binance. I hope the information provided by me was useful to you.

Thanks for attention!

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