We need HELP to translate the book!

Hello everyone!/Друзьям большой привет!

I think that the layout of my bestselling is not far off. Now we are with Sonya Medusa in the short intervals between the upbringing of the younger generation and snorkeling, we are editing our written book "The Adventure of Captain Akela".
/Думаю что верстка моего бестселлера не за горами. Сейчас мы с Сонькой Медузой в коротких промежутках времени между воспитанием подрастающего поколения и снорклингом редактируем нашу написанную книгу.
В связи с этим обращаюсь к Вам уважаемые критики. Интересно ваше мнение - годится ли куда нибудь такой труд и немалый жизненный опыт? Какую цену выставить за электронный вариант, чтобы мы продали много и заработали на новую яхту?
Вызвавшимся экспертам готов отправить несколько глав на проверку. Затем мы опубликуем работу на https://lifehacker.ru или может еще где нибудь?

I really want to translate the book into English, to sell more and buy a new yacht.
Очень хочется перевести книгу на английский, чтобы продать побольше.

We need HELP to translate the book!

"The Adventure of Captain Akela" about how I twice sailing on the yachts around Europe. Russian style like "dangerous but fun", problems with the law, storm and survival without money far from home. And also friendship, love, sex and children in the end.


We are just dudes who do not like to be bored and we have solutions. Let's sailing around the world with us.

​Our captain Akela is poorly adapted to life on the shore, but has enough experience to drown some kind of boat. He have a skill of 10.000 miles and twice sailing around Europe.

The wife of Captain Sonia Medusa often suffers from seasickness, but she is a wonderful artist and a yoga teacher. She also has several thousand miles of sea experience as a jellyfish.

Our boy, was only conceived in the ocean, but perhaps he still has to sniff the salty wind.

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Now we need
Thank you!

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