Legendary Footballer Francesco Totti

On September 27, 1976 the capital of Italy was born in Rome. From time to time, Totti, with his very special life in football, moved to headlines in Italy and became a leading character in both the national team and the Roma he grew up in. Totti, who started playing football in Fortitudo in 1989, came to AS Roma's tiny team in 1989.
However, Totti left the school because of the poor financial situation of his family. In 1993, when he was 16 years old, he found a chance in the team. In the 1998-1999 season, Serie A's best young actor was chosen. Totti, who won the 2000 Football Player of the Year award in Italy,he played an important role in the Italian national team's promotion to the finals in the same year in the same year (although the Italian man lost the cup in the final, the match's man Totti was chosen). In 2000/01 he won his first and only championship with AS Roma, who was the captain. Totti, who won the second prize of the Year's Player of the Year in Italy in 2003,In the 2002 FIFA World Cup and at the 2004 European Championships, he also took part in the Italian national team. In February of 2006 the foot was broken. Francesco Totti, who had been platinum on his left ankle (still standing on his wrist) and four months later recalled to Italy in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, has a big share in the cupper's country.
Totti proved to be a young player not only in Italy, but also in the world, performing very well and being one of the best footballers in the world. Francesco Totti has scored 26 goals in the 2006-2007 season and won the European Golden Shoe (European Golden Shoe). Also; 2000,2001,2003,2004,2007 won five times the Italian Footballer of the Year award (most winning). In October 2010, she won Golden Foot (Golden Foot), one of the world's most prestigious soccer awards. Serie A is the second most soccer player in history. In IFFHS 2011, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney,Alessandro Del Piero, and became the most popular football player in Europe. Francesco Totti is also the player who scored the most points in Serie A in the same squad. Totti has the title of the oldest player scoring in the UEFA Champions League.
He started his professional career in 1992 and retired from the jubilee match on 28 May 2017 in AS Roma.

Today I am writing with the pride of the Roman team Francesco Totti. He knows that his football life, which he started as a child, will rise rapidly. Success with the Roma team was a success.

Between 1992 and 2017 he played only in the Roma team. Because he was a lover. Other teams were not interested. Real Madrid,

Barcelona and dozens of large clubs rejected offers from. Because the Roma team was not a standard team for him.

Francesco Totti, a supporter of the fans, has never let go of the playboy brotherhood in the team despite years gone by. All these conditions have linked Francesco Totti to Rome.

Now he fell in love with the Roman team.

It proved this with the Code. '' I went out with six girls one night, I cheated on each other. But I never cheated on Rome. ''

Francesco Totti There was such a solid character. After years of doing jubiles in Rome, the word '' Legend '' is now very well suited to him.

Francesco Totti's Unforgettable Letter

27 years ago, our house in Rome stole the gate. The door, my mother, opened Fiorella. The people on the other side of the door would decide my football career. When Mommy opened the door, the people there identified him as a football director. But they were not from the Roman club,

They were wearing red.

They were from AC Milan. And they wanted me to play for their team. At any cost ... My mom had towels. Do you have any idea what he said to the gentlemen at the door? If you are a Roman child, you have only two choices: red or blue. AS Romaveya SS Lazio. Lakin is our family,

there was only one option.

Unfortunately, I did not know my grandfather because he had passed away when I was a little boy. But he left me a big gift when he left. I am so lucky that my grandfather Gianluca was a great Roman supporter, and he had inherited him from my father, my father from me and my brother. Our love for Rome,

it was a phenomenon that continued to exist. It was part of our family, our blood, our soul.

Although we were in Rome, we could not watch our team's matches on TV much, because there were not many matches broadcast in the '80s. But when I was 7 years old, my dad got a ticket for a match and eventually I could watch the wolves at Stadio Olimpico.

I can close my eyes and feel that excitement again. Colors, cheers, throwing mist bombs ... I was a cheerful kid in the same stadium with a Roman supporter who burned something in me. I do not know how to explain this experience.


That's the only thing you can say. In San Giovanni, a part of Rome,

I do not think you see me without a football or a ball on my foot. We played ball pavement stones, cathedrals, patrols, everywhere.

Even when I was a young child, the feeling of football was something else. I had the passion to reach a successful career. I started playing football, young teams of clubs.

In the wall of the room, poster and newspaper clippings of Roman captain Gianni were hanging. It's an icon, a symbol. He was a Roman boy. Just like us ...

When I was 13, my door stole.

The AC Milan authorities wanted to play for their own clubs. A chance to reach your destination with a great Italian club. What should I do? Pleasant,

I will not make a decision, of course.

Boss, it was my mom. He's still the boss. He was a mother very much attached to his children. Just like every Italian mother, she had a slight overprotection. She did not want me to leave the house because she was afraid something could happen. 'No, no,' said the directors. That's all he said. "Do not look at the poo. No,

'' This is the end. My first transfer was rejected by the boss.

My father, my brother and me would take me to the game on weekends. But from Monday to Saturday, my mother was in control. It was difficult to say no to AC Milan. This transfer meant a lot of money for our family. But my mother taught me a lesson that day. My home is the most important thing in life.

Only a few weeks after that, Roma, following the young team game I played, offered to transfer me. I would wear yellow-red. My mother did. Throughout my career, he helped me in many ways. Yes, he was a guardian-he is, but every day he made a lot of sacrifices to be in the green field. In those days,

I know it 's very hard for him.

My mother would take me to workouts. They were waiting for me outside the stage. I was waiting 2-3, sometimes 4 hours while I was in the training session. They waited in the rain, in the cold, without any notice.

I could have had a dream because she expected. Before the match, for 90 minutes on Stadio Olimpico,

I did not know for the first time in Rome that I would be on the scene. I was sitting on the bus when I was on the way to the stadium and the enthusiasm also increased.

The calmness from the night's sleep had disappeared. Roman supporters are different. When you put on the Roman form, much is expected from you.

You have to pay for what you are given, but you can not afford to make mistakes. When I went out to the field for my first match, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of pride of playing for my home. For Grandpa. For my family. For 25 years, this edition-the royalty-never changed.

Of course, I made mistakes. Even 12 years ago,

For Real Madrid, there was a moment when I thought I would leave Rome. Very successful, even when the best team in the world makes an offer, you are beginning to think about how your life might be elsewhere. I spoke with the president of Rome and he changed things. But finally, the conversation with my family showed me what life is.

Evin, everything.

It's my home for 39 years. As a footballer I have been in Rome for 25 years. Whether I win Scudetto or play in the Champions League, I think I represent Rome's colors in the best way I can and stand out. I hope I made you proud.

You may think I am a man who can make his own order. I never left my parents' house until I got engaged to my sister Ilary. Now I'm going to miss you when I look back at those times here, I think routine, everyday things. Hours of training, conversation in the locker room. I guess what I miss the most is,

it becomes the kahves we drink with my teammates. One day, if I go back here as football director, those moments will be there.

People ask, why have you spent all your life in Rome? Rome is my family, my friends, all the people I like. Roman sea, mountains, statues, and Rome, of course, the Romans. Rome, yellow and red. Rome, for me,the world itself. This club, this city is my life. Forever."

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