Giant wages from Juventus to Pjanic

Juventus, one of the biggest clubs, will offer a contract to valued player Pjanic

Juventus is spending a lot of money this year!

Especially he transferred the world famous star Cristiano Ronaldo. This news was spoken for days. All the channels passed the last minute news. This year he is building a solid team for the Champions League.

So what happened to Pjanic? Who is Pjanic?

Miralem Pjanic started his soccer career, that he was fascinated by at AN early age, in France's Metz team in 2003. He continued his career within the infrastructure class till 2007. With the performance he showed here, he was taken out of the team by the technical team and contend for the 2007-2008 season on the team.

He contend thirty two games in his team, that he wore in one season, and he created three times the fans.

In 2008, he started negotiations with Lyon's robust team of league and signed a five year contract together with his new team on vi Gregorian calendar month 2008. throughout the primary season the team wore solely twenty two matches, whereas within the second season, the team was fully swing and vie fifty two matches and scored eleven goals.

Miralem Pjanic, UN agency vie in 3 league matches in ninety league games in total, airy ten times in these matches. In 2011, now the star player UN agency keeps his thanks to Italy has been transferred to the Roma club for eleven Million Euros and signed a four year contract. Miralem Pjanic, UN agency wore Roman type from 2011,

As of 2015, he has vie in a hundred and sixty games and twenty times has ventured his coaches. He continues to wear the shape of the Roman team.

The Juventus Convention is preparing for a new contract offer to the star player Pjanic in the year 2021.

According to media reports, the annual salary will be raised by 7 million euros.

With this raise, the star player's salary will be 11.5 Million Euros.

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