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The eternal beauty of the dusk

Hello guys...!!!

How are you all???

In the last few weeks and weeks to come I have very little free time to make a post, and in my spare time this afternoon I use it to update a post, with the theme of dusk beauty.

Yesterday evening when I was crossing a village in Aceh, Indonesia I had time to take some pictures of the beauty of the evening sun, but some of the images I deleted because the results were not good, this is because I took a photo while sitting on a walking motorbike, of course it was very difficult to take picture, and here's one picture that I saved.

The beautiful evening light with a reflection of golden light emits the rays of the entire surface of the western world, the sky becomes red with a sparkle of dusk, and maybe this is all I can share, and in other times I will try to share more natural beauty , panorama, and evening light.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you like and enjoy every photographic content that I share, and don't forget to give upvotes and comments, if you like photography about nature, animals and flowers, then follow me.


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