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 Hello! The modern market of supply and demand is constantly evolving, and in different sectors every day there are various projects aimed at the needs of a specific target audience. Not so long ago I came across a project that will be very interesting to representatives of the scientific industry, the project is based on Blockchain technologies.

As a rule, scientists are people who need to make a lot of records, in order to move the case it is necessary to use a large number of variables - this is a huge amount of data, it needs to be stored somewhere, and this is not so simple. The difficulty is added by the fact that data is easily lost and no one is immune from their distribution. Naturally, all this brings enormous discomfort, both moral and material. Often, authors simply have to give up their licenses.

Another important problem is the price of publication. Sometimes they are so high that the profitability of the publication is reduced almost to nothing. Of course, you can resort to cheap publications, but, as everyone knows: "on clothes meet." Publication in cheap publications can become, in a way, an anti-advertising project.
What to do? The solution was proposed by the creators of the project Orvium.

Features of the Orvium site
The essence of the service of Orvium is that it will allow scientists to post important scientific articles on valuable data sites and for publication in journals. The site has the source code (open type). As I said above, the project on Blockchain is based, thanks to this technology, developers have achieved the maximum transparency of the project. All this will allow scientists to publish their materials in the most convenient way for them, to exchange invaluable experiences and get a good profit.

The main task of the Orvium project is to create the most convenient platform for publishing scientific works and articles. Everyone can easily use this resource anywhere in the world.

Site Advantages

We already talked about the transparency of Blockchain technology, which is very popular, that's why Orvium decided to use this program too. This is very convenient, because any operation made in the system will remain visible for each participant. Of the features can still be distinguished:
-Ensuring copyright protection: What we discussed at the beginning of this article. Copyright problems often occur in this environment, but Orvium helps to avoid these difficulties. On this platform, a scientist can select a license and obtain rights to conduct business;
-The presence of smart contracts or smart contracts. A very convenient system that will allow you to conduct transactions of various complexities. The cycle of the project will probably be traced from the embryo to the finish line;
-Fast data processing: Fast processing will provide more operational work, you do not have to wait a lot of time, which is very important for many projects. Information storage: Works around the clock, anyone can use the database storage;
-Data transmission used for analysis. Scientists will be able to choose the most suitable model of rights and the best way of licensing. Thanks to such technologies, revenues will flow as transparently as possible.

Conducting ICO
To make calculations in the Orvium system, ORV tokens are used.
To attract additional finance will be conducted by ICO.
You can buy the crypt for ETH, USD, as well as EUR, SGD, DKK GBP, CHF. The cost of the token is 10 cents per ORV.
On the pre-will be an opportunity to get a bonus of 10%.
Hard Cap for this project is 20 000 000 USD.
The ORV Crypt will be used for:

-Maximum transparency of support of perspective works;
-Remuneration of active users.

There will be an opportunity to buy copyright for the ORV token. With the help of this crypt, the readers will be rewarded.

In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project as Orvium is an excellent platform, which, in my opinion, is so necessary for thousands of scientists around the world. Orvium is a modern contribution to science, which, unfortunately, is now going through not the best of times.

If the project has caused you interest, visit the official website:

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3535259.0

Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3565166

Website: https://orvium.io/

Whitepaper: https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj

Telegram: https://t.me/orvium 


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