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Exploration related uses of Blockchain on a business sector that developed at this time does not seem endless. Where trials and exploration continued to be done in order for the technology Blockchain actually be a technology solution in the future. As technology plays a major role in the rapid growth of virtual currency to date, good investors, observers, to practitioners in the field of Blockchain will continue to innovate, especially in the implementation of the financial system, which it This is considered important because nowadays almost all everyday human activity has already aided by digital technology such as payments and others. With the constantly evolving technology, to meet the financial needs of the eCoinomic platform has been present. What is a eCoinomic? and what makes this different platform?
ECoinomic is a digital platform that offers financial services to cryptographers, including investment, asset management, foreign, transfers, etc. ECoinomic is a platform Blockchain who first introduced the unique creative ideas in the market economy of symbolic can begin to act personally and platforms for the exchange of digital assets. The main objective of the project ECoinomic is the development, promotion and optimization the financial service platform based on the cryptographic resources. This platform offers users the functionality of loans, exchanges, transfers, financial management and integration services and systems through the online payment.

Institutional investors and family offices is always interested in new low-risk instruments with high profitability. And the owner of crypto would like to profit from their digital assets and keep them for the long term hopes to get more value. Smart contracts on eCoinomic.net platforms will solve this need. Crypto owners will get a chance to get loans of fiat to use digital assets as collateral. Institutional investors and family offices will explore the market mortgage loans by issuing new fiat crypto community.

Some solutions from eCoinomic

A variety of currency options with the help of which allows to make payments in multiple currencies. Customers may borrow in any form, such as USD, EUR, JPY, etc.
Credit transaction speed increases over time. With eCoinomic, this will happen only in a fraction of a second.
With facilitation of contract, process blockchain and returns the collateral becomes easy.
The alpha version will be available for people to try after the pre-sale.
The project eCoinomic will take over the funds and will also be responsible to attract large-scale investors.
Each user of the platform will be able to choose an optimal package of services, including:

Loans, unsecured and secured
Long term investment
The level of risk associated with the level of asset fluctuation kryptonite
Financial transactions and collateral management
Payment for commercial services via platforms such as Amazon or eBay
The transaction with Fiat money, including issuing virtual card with support for crypto-assets.
On the eCoinomic platform, you can get a fiat loan saves Your crypto assets as collateral. For owners of crypto, they can now begin accepting payments for products and services. People can now buy cryptocurrencies as long-term investments. ECoinomic platform provides the necessary liquidity that will help holders of crypto. Investors will get a very big advantage of this platform. Smart contracts enforce the terms of the loan obligation. This protects the investment holder crypto and investors fiat.

If you need a loan, the user manually specify the desired parameters, such as time and interest. Next, the system will automatically start looking for a suitable proposal, and will also feature one of the application in the appropriate section. If it finds a suitable option, the user will receive a notification, it will then be able to sign the contract.

Top 6 strong points of the eCoinomic platform

eCoinomic is completely different. Their idea is that multiple users can give credit to others through the use of the platform and the local currency. Crypto Currency, in turn, will only be used as a guarantee, which will be incorporated into the contract.

The loan itself because it will be given to users in the one of fiduciary currencies officially in existence. Maybe the US dollar, euro, pound sterling, yen Japan United Kingdom, Switzerland franc or Chinese yuan. To ensure repayment of the credit users, you must pay a deposit, which will be stored in one of the currencies of the major cryptom (BTC, ETH, LCH, BCH,-XRP, EOS, NEO, etc, there is a DASH, TRX, or CNC-token platform), and then returned to the customer immediately After the fulfillment of the obligations of credit.

How does eConomic work?

Successfull Loan Closure

Unclosed Loan

To attract investments, and perform the activities required in the system, the developers decided to make token CNC. It was developed by the technology block Ethereum.

Token Name — CNC
Type Of Token — ERC20
Token Role — Utility
Total Token Supply — Up to 2.1 billion
Tokens available for sale — Up to 1.55 billion
Excluded Countries — USA, China, Singapore
Accepted Currencies on Pre-Sale — ETH
Pre-sale start date — March 15, 2018
Price of tokens for pre-sales — 1 CNC = 0.01 USD
ICO start — 1 may 2018
ICO — end date 01 June 2018
Token prices in ICO — 1 CNC = 0.05 USD
Hard Cap — USD 100 million
Soft Cap — USD 6 million
Method of payment accepted for pre-sales — ETH, BTC, XRP, LTC, NEO, XMR, ZEC
Bonus amount received will depend on the amount of investment, as well as time to mobilize the deposit (acquisition of tokens). Should consider the fact that at the last stage of the ICO, the award will not be counted.

For sale at various stages of ICO, the developers plan to spend 80% of the total number of tokens will be released. 14% will be allocated as prizes to the developers of the project, as well as partners. the remaining 6% will be allocated to those who support the development of the platform is in its early stages and advisors.





More information:

ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2878954
WEBSITE: http://www.ecoinomic.net/
WHITEPAPER: https://ecoinomic.net/docs/whitepaper
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ecoinomic/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Ecoinomicnet
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@ecoinomic
TELEGRAM CHANNEL: https://telegram.me/eCoinomicchannel
TELEGRAM GROUP: https://telegram.me/eCoinomicchatroom
FeelPower https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1117121
My airdrops chanel https://t.me/BountyAirdropsico

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