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DONOCLE ICO is a worldwide LOTTO project with more than 50 coins and tokens used for block chain based lottery drawing methods and awards that are fair and transparently published to maximize fairness. ODF (Open Data Flow) is adopted, and the user can monitor the movement and flow of goods (money).
The Lottery Industry is evolving on the help of Cryptocurrency, and our transparent and standardized system will lead the market.
DONOCLE Team trusts that Blockchain Industry will be linked with our real economy and they will construct a secured project with their experience in Online Game and Mobile Game market.DONOCLE is an Online Lottery System that utilizes Bitcoin and other Altcoins as commodities.
DONOCLE project is based on MIB Blockchain Platform, and we increased safety and credibility through the combination of C/S environment and Blockchain rather than putting Blockchain and any business together.DGBLS is DONOCLE Lottery(Lotto, TOTO) Operating System that combines blockchain with GLOS(Global Lottery System) of Korea which is globally renowned for its usage in managing Sports TOTO(Korea) System.
SmartX Blockchain Platform is a platform that has achieved convenience, popularity, economic advantage and lightweight by adopting Blockchain Hash Algorithm on Mobile SmartX Platform, and it has significantly reduced Blockchain maintenance cost compared to conventional Blockchain that has been relying on GPU or ASIC hardware which are pretty expensive.DONOCLE B System is brought to solve illogical part of traditional donation system. This new Donation Infra-System transfer donation funds to Beneficiaries or Beneficiary Organizations transparently and credibly on Blockchain technology

ICO Details:

Public sale: 10 Oct18-30 Jan19
Cap: 5 000 BTC (33 070 200 USD)
Goal: 2 000 BTC (13 228 080 USD)
Price: 1 DDL = 0.01 USD

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BTT Username: FeelPower

BTT profile url:;u=1117121

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