I welcome you my dear friends. I want introduce you with the project. For the Muslim world, spiritual ethics are paramount. Each of their actions must be scriptural. Rules for interpreting the Scriptures interprets the Sharia. To do something on my own, without permission from the Shariah it is a great sin. Since the crypto market is a fairly new phenomenon and the Sharia has not yet made up the rules, then Muslim believers can not operate the crypto currency. For example, buy tokens to participate in the ICO, to use the services on the Blockchain. For some people it may sound wild, but this problem really exists. It is worth Recalling that the earth is home to about 1.8 billion Muslims. While others argue about the rights of believers, the Adab project creates a solution. This is a crypto exchange that will take place according to Sharia rules. Our review about the Adab ICO project.

One quarter of the inhabitants of the planet earth are Muslims. They are characterized by faith and a desire to follow the rules of Scripture. Before using new technologies, it is necessary to obtain Sharia permission. Everything new must pass through the filter of Scripture and Sharia.

With the advent of the crypto currencies came the uncertainty of Muslims in this regard. For crypto exchange, Sharia rules are not defined and all Muslim believers are deprived of the opportunity to treat them. The Muslim community today does not have a clear common position on the admissibility of the use of crypto currencies. There is no systematic approach to determining what is sin and what is not. Muslims don’t know if they can deal with cryptocurrencies.

Today, there is a need to create a consulting Council that will determine the admissibility of certain operations with crypto currencies. As well as a platform that will contain only those functions that correspond to Sharia.

The Islamic community living in 120 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. In 35 of these countries, the Muslim population is the majority. These include the UAE, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait and others.

To solve the problems of distancing Muslims from the cryptocurrency market, ADAB Solutions is being created. It includes authoritative representatives of the Muslim world, who will oversee the processes of convergence of the Muslim world and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Now the First Islamic crypto exchange is being developed and a Sharia Advisory Council is being formed. This will allow a systematic approach to the establishment of Sharia norms for the Muslim community in relation to cryptocurrencies.

MVP is ready. This exchange ADAB, which has instituted several coins. Some people already use it.

For the world of Islam are very valuable qualities such as honor. These time-tested Moral and cultural values play a key role. This is a powerful resource for building a new market based on trust and commitment.

Special attention will be paid to the technical side of the project. The most reliable technologies will be selected to provide users with security and peace of mind.

In addition to the exchange, ADAB Solutions intends to develop other solutions. And they will also comply with the rules and norms of Sharia. For example, a platform for Halal projects.

Crypto currency platform ADAB will be able to use not only Muslims. ADAB Solutions provides an opportunity to use the platform connected with Islamic spiritual values accumulated over hundreds of years for everyone.

Project team
The ADAB Solutions team includes authoritative representatives of the Islamic world. Many of them are included in the lists of honorary Muslims.

Token name: ADAB
Number of tokens for sale: 345,000,000
SoftCap: $2,500,000
Hardcap: $18,700,000
Token price: $0.1
Payment methods: ETH, BTC
Minimum volume of ADAB token redemption: 1000 ADAB
The distribution of ADAB tokens is as follows:

ADAB Solutions is a very important project. For those who have nothing to do with Islam, it is difficult to feel it. ADAB Solutions can become one of the best platforms, because the system is initially laid such qualities that usually correspond to everything that is durable and reliable. There is little doubt about the success of the ICO collection. The token sale starts in 17 days.

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