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 Crypto world is fascinating and so is the digital currency known as cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Each day the digital world is providing a platform and welcoming new companies who believe in new innovations and ideas. The best among them is Quadrant Protocol that is based on blockchain technology. It promises the undemanding access, pioneering creation and serviceable distribution of various services and data products.

More about the Quadrant Protocol

Right now data economy is disorganized and little known. Quadrant promises a properly organized system that will facilitate utilization of data that is decentralized. The company believes that data has to be accurate and original in order to improve its economy. The company claims to have a simple yet effective tool that proves data integrity. This privately held company was found in the year 2018 by Mike Davie. Its headquarters are located in Singapore. To enable the exchange of services like DaaS and Al between organizations, the company provides the infrastructure. It facilitates the selling of data by data vendors based on contracts. At the same time, it enables the buyers to purchase it and also provide them the added facility of tracing data’s accuracy. Here, data stamping verification procedure comes in handy.

Innovations and benefits

Data buyers will have a proof of data creation and thus the company can anytime claim its authenticity. All the data and services that Quadrant Protocol offers are of high quality and this magic is created by the sharpest minds that they empower. Data it creates is trustworthy and there is transparency involved. It also allows free flow of data. They have invented data stamping which will enable to prove the originality and factualness of data. This method has helped greatly during the process of data verification. Results so obtained are highly secure and easy to understand. Users, as well as creators of data, are rewarded with it.

Information about the team of Quadrant Protocol

Quadrant Protocol is best among others and that’s because of talented team members who are well equipped with technical knowledge and extensive experience in the area. Mike Davie is the founder of Quadrant Protocol. Team members have strong skills pertaining to the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. When it comes to handling pressure and performing under it, no one has the ability but them to find solutions and outshine others. The team consists of advisors, blockchain engineers, directors of engineering, data scientists, front-end developer etc.

Quadrant Protocol is launching ERC-20

ERC-20 is the token used in the Quadrant Protocol. ETH is the currency used for purchasing tokens. Before the day of sale, ETH will be frozen or pegged. Whitelisting process is used for participation. eQuad supply is 1,000,000,000. Public sale is yet to be announced and for more information related to Quadrant Protocol and sale of ERC-20.


Quadrant builds the data economy and works on eliminating the issues related to non-transparency in the world of data industry whereby companies will be able to trace the original sources of data. It also aims at providing good compensation to the data providers. They seek both technical as well as commercial partners. Through an open source client, companies can access quadrant protocol. To get more information about the services offered by Quadrant Protocol and their tokens ERC-20, visit their website https://www.quadrantprotocol.com/

Website: https://www.quadrantprotocol.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/quadrantprotocol
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