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Uranus answered our questions - and not even in Chinese! Except the rhetorical ones, of course (we didn't dare ask those). The team was quick and responsive.

So for a project we found so questionable (to put it mildly), we were very curious to read their answers. Are you?

Answers to our questions:

Q: The "minimal balance on the validator" is very strange. What's the point there? To get more tokens into the network?

A: The rules of Uranus blockchain are open and transparent, and they are automatically executed by smart contract. And it is a decentralization system. No one can use the deposit, it will only be frozen.

Q: The token will get devalued a lot as the network grows. How will you solve this problem?

A: The token is not necessary to get devalued as networks grows, all depending on how to do the market value management work. We have both sides examples, regardless POW, POS or even DPOS. In our views, value of a token is positively related to the value of the project, and in a normal case, the value of a network should be increased as it grows in term of more active users and/or participants, more income under right business model, etc. Also right market value management with certain means such as "limited token issuing " and "buying back " would also help if any abnormal situation occurs.

Q: Will there be token buybacks?

A: We do have "limited token numbers " and "buying back " in our plan. Btw we have updated some token information on the pinned message. Please have a look.

Q: Where are their tokenomics? Where is your ICO info? I found nothing.

A: Token Sale: Hardcap, token numbers and relevant information will soon be released. Thank you for your patience. If you are interested in Private Sale, please send email to the address and specify the value you would like to bring to the community or this project.


After reading their answers, we dug deeper into their GitHub. Found some shady things there.

Ready to see a few "wonders"?

UraEngine, committed by the developers is basically a truncated copy of the oVirt Engine. The commit for that one started back in 2012 and abandoned by 2015. Then picked up again three years later. Most commits for the project just change the variables' names. And the most recent ones (the ones made by the Uranus team) are mind-baffling:
oVirt Engine User Portal changed to Uranus Desktop Cloud Platform and so on.

So thaaaaat's how they develop their "original" product.


So what we have here are two answers that are just promises of "limited token issuing " and "buying back."

Total bullshit. Neither the WP nor the site has any info about any of this. No progress in GitHub. Just changing the variables.

Nice try, Uranus, but nope.

Final Verdict


Disclaimer: The above audit is not in any way financial advice or a solicitation to buy - it's merely our collective opinion that we are kind enough to share with you. Don't make us regret that.

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