C3.exchange in MVP format

Crypto Credit Card is a large-scale international project with a multinational team that embodies great ideas.

One of these ideas was the launch of its own crypto-exchange C3.exchange. During the ICO, the Crypto Credit Card project announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency exchange C3.exchange in MVP format. MVP is the simplest working prototype of a product that is tested before full-scale development. This approach insures the project from the lack of demand for the final product and loss of development. MVP allows you to collect information with minimal effort, modify the product to the needs of the target audience, or even abandon it. I encourage everyone to take part in the testing and give feedback to the developers. To do this, you need to register on the site and wait for the letter to the post office.

С3.exchange gives users of the platform professional trading tools, which were previously available only on the stock exchange (PAMM accounts). They will be available in June.

Very much I expect that in the near future Crypto Credit Card will please us with a mobile bank and the addition of fiat trading on the exchange.

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