Buratino Blockchain Solutions + Freldo = Partnership

Nowadays, the success of project is depend on good partnership. The collaboration together brings more supporters and inverstors. So, that’s why the opportunity of achieving every step of roadmap is appeared.

We are happy to officially announce a strategic partnership with a major ICO project FRELDO.

About Buratino Blockchain Solutions.
Buratino BlockChain Solutions Holding includes companies that develop and produce solutions for working with blockchain. The team has experience in developing sophisticated electronics, running a business and creating a long-term business concept that leads to the intended goal. Now, Buratino BS produces the unique mining machine - PapaCarlo. It is unique because it is the first upgradable miner in the world. Buratino BS has its token BUR. You can follow the link below to read more information about:

About Freldo

Freldo https://freldo.com is a social network, that helps people to make useful and productive contacts. Its main goal is not only to unite people for communication but also to help each other in the promotion of the business. Private entrepreneurs, who cannot compete with large companies, get the opportunity to grow clients base using Freldo network with a minimal budget. Freldo Inc. itself is a start-up and participating in our ICO.

The important stage of the partnership is the investment of $2 000 000 each other. Of course, the money is not the only thing that companies bring each other. But also the collaborating between the teams of two projects. It is the great experience and a big move forward to the main goal! The developed technologies are another cause of this partnership.

So, Freldo will clearly play the important role in further development of Buratino Blockchain Solutions and bring it to a new level.

Join our groups and chats and stay tuned for more updates and information!

🙋‍♂️ Alexey Permyakov |CEO| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (t.me/AlexTrezor)
🙋‍♂️Alexander Evdokimov |CMO| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (t.me/SashaEx)
🙋‍♂️Evgeniy Svetlakov |Support| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (t.me/akan3t)

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