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The rapid development of technology affects every aspect of our lives. This development has spread to all areas of education, finance, and art by the effects of globalization. The developments and changes especially in finance have become much different from the fact that crypto money has entered my life in the last few years. Now, with traditional trading, our banking operations, our investment is influenced by digital money. In our world, technological development is robotics in a concept that is growing rapidly and growing. Now, the technology is built with very fast sewing machines, stitch loops, and robots, like the current automation system.

Why Kepler is Important 

 Kepler technology is designed to be commercialized and calibrated in order to maximize revenue, maximize future growth, and develop all of the company's products. The striking feature of Kepler at this point is that it continues to be a democratization of the administration through centrality. This enables the platform to achieve self-governance and autonomy by itself, helping not only the markers to have a say in the management of the company, but also to implement the changes that must be made in proportion to the tokens possessed.

 Kepler’s vision doesn’t come cheap. Their goal is to raise 250,000,000 USD. If achieved, their ICO will be rank at one of the top ICOs of all-time. I think they have a great shot. Their value proposition is off the charts.Kepler isn’t messing around. They have some pretty incredible advantages and benefits. The most important is their geographical placement: Georgia. According to one report (2017 World Bank Report) Georgia ranks as one of the most attractive countries to do business with. Here are a few big reasons why:

  1. TRADE. Kepler will be built in Georgia where it has the support of the government and free trade agreements with countries such as China, EU, and Post-Soviet Union.
  2. TAX. Georgian tax reform accrues zero corporate income tax for Kepler, automatically translating into an additional 20% capital gain for the company each year.
  3. MANPOWER. It is widely known that China offers the cheapest workforce. However, when it comes to the cheapest technical workforce, Georgia trips the chart by 40%!
  4. GOVERNMENT POLICY. The Georgian government is very friendly to new start-ups and investments within Georgia. Through the Georgian Government new policy, Kepler Technologies will save money on building its physical properties. Kepler will be exempt from corporate income tax for 5-10 years, through the new amendments in the Georgian tax code.

While location is a big advantage, it’s not the only one. The following list is a summary of Kepler’s overall value propositions:

  • Growing demand for cutting-edge technology and AI solutions
  • A world-class management team with credible qualifications in their fields.
  • A fair and reliable platform with transparency and security
  • Immovable property transferred from the Government of Georgia free of charge
  • 80% of the company income will be used for reinvestments, from which a sizable amount will be used to buy back the tokens from token owners
  • KEP will allow token holders to directly purchase any product developed by Kepler
  • KEP can be easily exchanged or liquidated as needed
  • KEP will offer value and utilization based on the different stages of project implementation.

Kepler will adopt blockchain technology to tie developers, customers, and investors under their Kepler Universe Platform. Here is their business model: 

 In addition, Kepler will institute an incubator program. Investors will be able to diversify their portfolio by investing in the patents and products of incubators through Kepler’s token - KEP. In other words, KEP owners will be instrumental in deciding which products or services to build.

KEP will be the currency for all settlement on the ecosystem and used to purchase such things as robots, licenses, subscription services for AI, LAB projects presented by third parties or the Kepler R&D staff, and products in all other partnership ventures within the autonomous hotel and restaurant network.

The Kepler Universe platform will ensure liquidity of KEP tokens by backing it with tangible assets such as lands, construction sites, high-tech lab equipment, products, technical know-how, and the Kepler University that will enroll students from around the world.

Lastly, 80% of the income realized from all the projects and economics activities will be distributed back to KEP investors who invested in the specific project. 




The CEP token is used as an instrument that guarantees the right of access to the platform and allows the public to explore the immense benefits of a network of Bangka without chauvinism. In order for the participants to follow the platform, ICO is currently offering. In total, 201,500,000 KEP tokens were created by ecosystem developers. During the Pre-ICO, 5,000 CEPs will be sold with a 30% bonus, while in Phase 1 of ICO Level 11, 500,000 CEP will be granted a 15% bonus. 16, 500, 000 CEP will be available with a 10% bonus during the ICO 2 phase, while 21,000,000 CEP will be offered to the public with a 5% bonus during the ICO 3 stages. The final stages of the ICO will be 21, 500, 000 Have no bonus KEP. 


  • TOTAL SUPPLY257,000,000
  • TOKEN RATE1.25 USD = 1 KEP



Kepler Team and Advisors

Giorgi Topuria - CEO/Founder

Civi Dolidze – Vice CEO/Founder

Assyibek Momynov – Director - Kepler City

Mari Shubalidze – Head of HR

Levan Cabisona - Technical Director

Lasha Gabidzashvili - CFO

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