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ICO ShareMeAll

Everyone has intellectual or manual talents, know-how. It is the exchange of this knowledge, these abilities provides ShareMeAll. Registered users can invite the community to share their skills. They just need to specify the compensation they want to receive in the eSwitch. Once a transaction between two community members is completed, the transfer from account to account is done automatically and securely thanks to its transcription in the blockchain. From this point on, a user who has offered his skills or services will be able to use his eSwitch on the ShareMeAll platform to use services, facilities, etc. It can also change, depending on the daily exchange rate, its eSwitch in euros or dollars and transfer it to your bank account.

For most of us, our wages are the result of evaluating our personal or professional skills. Easy Free offers a look at the concept of wages, on the other hand, when we can use for monetization literally everything that surrounds us: our personal talents, inventive abilities, professional qualities. Also, looking ahead, I will say that the platform will use a modified mechanism for the sale of goods and services, as well as a new look at rental housing.

This token is officially registered and is a trademark in the National Institute of Industrial Property. All this once again proves the seriousness of the founding team's intentions to ensure its users secure and trustful exchange on their platform. This increases the overall authority of cryptocurrencies around the world. As an infrastructure, the blockchain ensures that all movements are performed in the absence of intermediaries, which, in turn, provides users with full transparency of the Easy Free service, since information on transactions will be included in chain blocks. The data contained in the blockchain cannot be deleted or modified. As soon as the execution is completed, it will continue continuously in the block chain, which will allow you to know exactly the route used by the information. This traceability and clarity are great benefits for platform users.

For ease of use, the development team intends to offer its users two versions of their platform mobile and web versions, so that each user can choose for himself the most pleasant interaction conditions. Having passed the simple registration stage, the user has the opportunity to declare his talents, abilities, skills and other goods or services that he owns so that other participants can use it for their own purposes. All transactions will be automatically recorded in the Blockchain book, while allowing you to exchange your goods or services on the eSwitch®. Moreover, every day the user will be given the opportunity to exchange earned eSwitch tokens for any other cryptocurrency or Fiat. Everything works quickly, simply, and most importantly, efficiently and safely.

Let's take a closer look at what ShareMeAll platform consists of and what advantages it offers to its users:

  • Products. The platform proposes to change the traditional practice of selling goods on trading floors. Usually people put up for sale things that they do not use for a long time. A sharing option will be available at the ShareMeAll site. The seller remains the owner of their belongings, but allows other people to take them for temporary use.
  • Housing. Nowadays, people more and more often use the services of renting apartments or rooms through various B2B, B2C or C2C platforms. ShareMeAll users will be able to find accommodation options. For example, you travel to another country and can find a room to spend the night. Or you come on a business trip to another city and you can also find a place to stay. If you have a free apartment or you are ready to provide an empty room - post the ad on ShareMeAll and the guest will respond to your ad by paying for the service with eSwitch tokens.
  • ICO main details

    ESW = 0,8€

    Soft Cap: 2 000 000€

    Hard Cap: 7 500 000€

    ICO: 15.01 - 15.05

    Team ShareMeAll

    Let's get to know the team. As you know, about half the project’s success is provided by a well-chosen team. The ShareMeAll project website has information about team members with contact information. In the composition there are participants who have already had successful projects in the field of blockchain. The team involved all the necessary specialists. There are people who will take over business processes, operations, finance, scaling, legal services, the developer’s blockchain, advertising.

    Easy Free creates a fairly competitive platform ShareMeAll, which, thanks to its innovative features, will be able to get a significant market share. The use of the platform will be available on mobile devices and via a web interface. Each user will have a public account, about which anyone can get all the necessary information. We are talking about user rating, the number of successful and unsuccessful transactions, reviews about it from other users and much more. Moreover, since the platform works in the field of a cryptocurrency economy, users can use it as a safe cryptocurrency wallet and a reliable investment tool.

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