Trecento Blockchain Capital. The Balanced Investment Decision.


If you are interested in the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain, you have already invested in promising coins in order to get rich, or ,for sure, just going. Of course, the crypto-currency market gives such a chance, but there is also the reverse side of the medal - you can lose everything you have if you don't follow investment rules and don't act according to the strategy. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is off the charts and it's impossible to talk about any stability here, but in general it's in the hands of a competent trader, because you won't earn much on stability. And, perhaps, in 5-10 years, an ordinary investor won't able to earn on the crypto market.

But investing in cryptocurrency, and even more so, in altcoins, carries great risks and not everyone is able to work in conditions of such tension, so the topic of crypto hedge funds
becomes extremely relevant. You transfer funds to the аund, the аund manages them, makes a profit and shares this profit with you, that is, you get passive income and free time. But in fact, it turns out that there are many such funds, but not every fund will be a reliable source of income. However, there are examples of those who have been working for several years and show excellent results. One such project is Trecento Blockchain Capital.


What Does Trecento Offer?

Trecento Blockchain Capital is a comprehensive investment solution based on blockchain technology. The platform will include the most profitable funds for efficient and safe investment, so that users can get the return they expect.

The services of users will be provided by 4 funds of different types:

  • ICO Fund.
  • Crypto trading Fund.
  • Venture capital Fund.
  • Fund of funds.

With their help, each user will be able to create the most profitable investment portfolio, balanced by risks and profitability. Investors will be able to distribute funds on their own or entrust it to Trecento experts.

Investors will be able to monitor their investments online, as well as study the latest research and analytical documents from the world of blockchain technologies, which will be regularly published by creators team.

The Role of The TOT Token in The Ecosystem. The Difference Trecento from Other Crypto Hedge Funds.

On October 1, the presale of the project will begin, those wishing to purchase tokens will be able to do so with a bonus of 20%. The tokens will provide their holders with a number of advantages:

  1. possibility of free participation in 4 funds for 1-2 years.
  2. discounts when paying commissions.
  3. access to some investment instruments.
  4. possibility to take part in the voting and reward system.

The last point just about what the creators and so the successful project needed the blockchain. With the introduction of the voting system,platform users will be able to put forward their investment ideas and receive a reward for this in the TOT tokens. It will look like this:

You post an investment proposal which in detail describes the profit potential and offer to use Ico Fund for investment. Other platform users vote or reject this offer. If your proposal is supported by a majority vote, experts also analyze the project and make the final decision. Rewards in tokens will be received not only by those who supported the investment idea, but also by those who were right to vote against it.


Thus, the power in decision-making in the ecosystem will partially pass to the tokens holders. This is how the algorithm of partial decentralization of decision-making works and with the help of it Trecento Committee of experts will be replenished with new valuable staff. I see such a system of motivating users and including them in the investment process for the first time, it will be interesting to see how it will work in practice.


Recently, we have been observing the processes of regulation of the crypto industry around the world, and there are good reasons for this. The study found that more than 70% of the IСO conducted in 2017 were identified as scams and more than 1,000 crypto projects had already ceased to exist in 2018.

The problem is that there is no common international legal framework, which imposes great risks on investors. Most of funds are registered in special locations where there is no liability for fraud and there is no penalty. Trecento Blockchain Capital is not going to hide from anyone. The platform will operate in a safe and regulated environment in Geneva and provide investors with a simple and profitable investment solution.

Today, Asset Management isn't available to everyone, it's difficult to understand it without receiving special education and it's difficult to track the correctness of the decisions taken by fund managers due to the complete opacity of this process. The team of Trecento Blockchain Capital plans to make quality capital management more affordable, 120 years of experience in the field of Finance and Fund management should help in this.

For a more details, you can read Whitepaper and get acquainted with social networks.

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