SaTT Token - blockchain solution for smart advertising


Blockchain technologies are developing new fields of activity. Today they have reached the advertising market.
SaTT is an abbreviation for “Smart Advertising Transaction Token”. SaTT will become a platform for advertising campaigns on the blockchain. The advertiser, using SaTT, will be able to create projects to promote their products and services without resorting to intermediaries, as well as to store data on past advertising campaigns on the blockchain.

How it Works?

In the SaTT blockchain are working the smart contracts. Thanks to them, interaction is built between users who promote their products and services, and consumers who watch advertising.
The SaTT platform and its smart contracts have several features.

Selection of Repeaters.

One of the most important problems of modern advertising - a limited number of opportunities for the selection of the target audience. Legal advertising retransmitters don't always bring information to the target audience. And those channels that do it better are not always legitimate.

The digital algorithms incorporated in SaTT allow to get rid of this problem. In a smart contract is a creator of the advertising campaign can define criteria by which to relay advertisements.

Quantitative Results of Advertising Campaigns.

Efficiency is a key parameter of an advertising campaign. It can be measured in clicks, views, targeted actions, sales. The SaTT platform provides functionality for quantitative evaluation of advertising effectiveness. To understand what the result brought promotion, customer can enjoy the service “the Oracle” - a third-party app that count how many target actions made by the user, and display the result.
For example, in a smart contract, SaTT can be recorded so that It interacts with the app for counting likes in Instagram, and based on the results presented, calculate the reward for the publisher. But if the advertised web site, the customer promotions can select the Google Analytics metrics.


This is the basic advantage of all blockchain systems. Thanks to this more and more users make the choice in favor of distributed data networks. If something happened to one “Oracle” or smart contract, then the whole system will work without interruption. And yet there are no servers: hack one or two computers and access to all data is impossible, they are distributed across all devices of the system.

Why should Advertisers choose the SaTT Token System?

  • reduced cost - there is no minimum fee for services, and the amount of reward is determined only by the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • security - if the data on the promotion of goods or services are stored in the blockchain, then no third party can get access to them;
  • smart contracts - thanks to them, the advertising process is fully automated, and the customer retains control over the progress of the promotion and can always intervene.

What Can We Expect in The Future?

System SaTT Token makes the relationship in the field of advertising more civilized and reasonable for the customer promotion campaigns. They will no longer pay money for the lack of results: the reward for oracles and publishers depends on how effective the advertising is. In addition, SaTT Token eliminates intermediaries - this reduces the cost of promotion campaigns.
Pre-Sale SaTT Token completed in less than 24 hours. Market participants are interested in such a tool and are willing to invest their money in its development. This means that after the final system launch, scheduled for November 2018, the platform will immediately become in demand and will begin to bring profit to its developers and investors.

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