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Most modern cryptocurrency exchanges hinder the trading development. To see this, just look at the trading platforms of the "first twenty".
Despite the billion-dollar turnover and millions of profits in the reports, the exchange of crypto-currencies:

  • don't have the diversity of teminals versions, often being browser-based trading
  • Often there are no indicators of technical analysis, the ability to automate trading
  • Security audit is not carried out, there is no guarantee of safety of the client's deposit

The proof of this attitude is theinspections results by the state of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. They revealed the facts of customers funds theft by the heads of the largest platforms, as well as the neglect of security. The japanese authorities have also found massive irregularities and manipulations, which indicates a trend: companies seek profit without worrying about traders.

How DigitalTicks will solve the traders problems?

The development team of the platform DigitalTicks invites to participate to all interested investors in creating and bringing to market a cryptocurrency product that solves the above problems:

  1. Decentralization will "close" the security and trust issues to the broker/exchange
  2. The trading terminal will allow to create trading robots using indicators, and apply own experience.
  3. The solution to the problem of scaling will lead to the emergence of scalping strategies (high-frequency trading) in the crypto-currency market with a special "zero" commision tariff.

DigitalTicks is the transfer of the professional trading traditions to the blockchain. The trader will be able to find on the platform a familiar interface and services that have been invented and implemented over 300 years of traditional exchange trading.

In addition to earnings on speculation and investment, the clients of the DigitalTicks platform will be available a referral program that brings up to 5% of passive income, and over time — trust management and social trading.
The main task of the DigitalTicks team is to merge the traditional market with digital assets. The blurring of this boundary will occur at the stage of launching - for the trader will be available BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, and two "defensive" tool: gold and silver. In addition, DigitalTicks will launch several types of derivatives, for hedging and arbitrage of speculative transactions.

DigitalTicks Economy.

The DTx token placed on the ICO will become the internal platform currency, as well as the source of financing for the project. The purpose of the token is:

  • Trade payment and referral fees
  • Fee for listing tokens of third-party projects
  • Fee payment for deposit and withdrawal
  • Access to analytical research, strategies, robots and other additional services

Why should the DTx token be in each investor's portfolio?

Buying a DTx token is an investment in the future of cryptocurrency trading. The blockchain solves the trust issue to the system, while any cryptocurrencies exchange can be closed by the state or hacked by the attackers.
The project will be interesting for active speculators (the most popular type of earnings in the market), for the following reasons:

  • Trade "in one click"
  • Own exchange office for withdrawal of funds in any currency
  • Availability of trading platform versions compatible with any computer or smartphone operating system

Since the commissions are tied to the DTx token-active trading will provide it with high liquidity, and the speed of transactions — demand.

Miners will also be interested in the DTx token because of the PoS-production model: the user who "froze" part of the Deposit will be charged interest.

You can increase your earnings by attracting new customers via the referral link. Smart contract DigitalTicks will monitor the operation of referrals and accrue 5% of their commission payments.


Token placement will be held in five stages, including the past march presale, so you can now become the owner of the DTx by registering on the project Website . Hurry up with the decision to invest, as 50% of the maximum planned issue has already been purchased, and the discount decreases with each new round.

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