Orvium. Blockchain On Guard of Copyright and Scientific Publications.


Copyright of scientific publications is one of the most relevant topics of the modern scientific community. The existing mechanisms of works publication are significantly behind the ever-growing requirements and norms, which creates a number of problems that complicate the modern science development.

The Orvium project is a platform that aims to become a single decentralized register of scientific publications, which will allow to securely store and manage copyright.

The Operating Principle and The Advantages of The Platform Orvium.


I won't delve into the technical features of the platform, and give a simple and affordable example of how we can use Orvium in practice.

Let's say that there is a scientist who invented a cure for cancer and gave his scientific work to some thematic resource for publication. The process of publication in this case takes from several days to several weeks, which take pre-publication preparation, verification, etc.

Imagine that a few hours after the submission of the material in the publication — on television, another scientist makes a similar statement and appropriates a cure for cancer. Then, most likely, the publication resource will retract the publication of the article to avoid litigation and the courts, and the author himself will remain without due reward and recognition.

The Orvium publication system will eliminate such injustice due the blockchain technology and will be able to provide:

  • Fast publication of scientific papers and other materials with minimal delay.
  • Possibility to edit the published material with saving the history of changes.
  • Access 24/7 to its own database of scientific works.
  • Perpetuation of author copyright.
  • The ability to sell, lease or purchase of copyright.
  • Quick involvement of reviewers and other experts to evaluate the material.
  • Costs reduction for the works publication.

Thus, Orvium solves the most pressing problems of the current scientific publications environment, providing authors with reliable storage of their copyrights, as well as the ability to manage them.

Platform Orvium Will Create Favorable Conditions For the Market of Scientific Works.

What kind of problems will solve Orvium?

  • 3-5 thousand dollars. That is how much today can cost the publication of scientific work.
  • 1-2 or more months. This period is necessary for your work to pass all the necessary checks and confirmations before publication.
  • 70%. This market share is occupied by the TOP 5 publishing companies, which allows them to fully manage the industry.
  • About 1 000 000 articles. Such a number of scientific works are published in the world every year, which creates an increased burden on publishers.

Who Platform Orvium Will be Useful?

Undoubtedly, the main target audience of the platform is scientists. But potentially its use can be interesting for all who in the activity addresses to various publication companies, namely:

  1. Workbook author.
  2. Photographers.
  3. Popular science publications.
  4. Media, etc.

Orvium may be of interest to anyone who works with intellectual property, and also needs to secure copyright.

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