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It’s important for financial market players to get correct and accurate information quickly. Readily available data sometimes saving the investors from ruin. The rapid expansion of the market leads to the emergence of new cryptocurrencies. To track market changes manually is troublesome and problematic because of the currencies and parameters variety.
With the increasing availability of information, it was used to manipulate public opinion. The cryptocurrency market in this regard is no exception, daily stuffing of false information has become commonplace. This aggravates the already high market volatility, where investors tend to panic and sell out of time.

The Project Will Solve the Problem of Investors And Traders.


Unfortunately, today there is no one quality resource with which you can quickly find the necessary information. The BitScreener developers have set out to solve the urgent problems that traders and investors face every day:

  • Collecting information manually. On your favorite service you may not find the right currency, and where this currency is - this is impossible to track the dynamics of the exchange rate. This leads to the fact that the user is frantically switches between tabs to find what you need in the moment information.
  • The need to keep abreast of the crypto market. To do this, people monitor the emergence of news on specialized resources. As with the collection of information, this is inconvenient, users spend time and effort.
  • News resources and websites with statistics deliberately distort information for the sake of their goals and investors. The lack of honest and accurate information leads to wrong decisions.

BitScreener is a service for obtaining accurate and detailed information of the crypto market on the blockchain. Ease of use and comprehensive information in one place – these are the two most characteristic features of the project.

Investments in Bitscreener Can Bring Dividends. Why?

The project has a number of advantages that will help it become successful:

  1. Track data on more than half a thousand cryptocurrency pairs in real time. The list of currencies is updated regularly. Information is collected from more than a hundred proven crypto-exchanges, which ensures its accuracy and completeness.
  2. Convenient display of data in the form of figures or graphs eliminates the need to search for the necessary information on third-party resources.
  3. The ability to search for currency by user parameters - from the price of the coin to the number of followers on Twitter.
  4. Multiplatform -in addition to the web version, developers have created apps for iOS and Android. After registration on the platform, filter settings are synchronized.
  5. Tracking of current ICO and search by parameters.
  6. The ability to track the news presented on the platform. One of the sections is the news section, where users can create interesting and useful content, receiving a reward.


The platform token called BITX will be used to purchase paid, even more advanced services. In addition, they will reward the most active users who benefit the ecosystem.
BitScreener gives users the opportunity to be aware of all the cryptomarket events. Gathering the necessary information about cryptocurrencies and ICO becomes a matter of a few minutes. You can estimate the simplicity and ease of use now on the Official Website, there are definitely prospects! Those who wish to participate in the ICO should hurry up, because there are only a couple of days left for the mandatory KYC procedure.

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"I like Coinmarketcap and Cryptocompare , but I'm always open to new ones. maybe they'll be better. Let's try!"

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Such apps are one of the most important for cryptotrader. What is the coolest, I can already download and try, before to invest. This is the right approch.

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