Peer играет Токен и ставки FIFA Soccer с Букмекером!

The new decentralized app "Bookie" will be launching soon. This app is on the peerplays blockchain and is about to eliminate the need for a private bookie in the future. True transparency smart contracts to place peer to peer wagers all over the world.

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Hm, and you won't need to go to Las Vegas to gamble on sports anymore? I bet some casino business moguls wouldn't like that)

30.04.2018 05:33

This is exactly why we need it! I love the idea i can place a wager with someone all the way around the world on some sporting event that is not offered at a Las Vegas book maker.

01.05.2018 01:34

Nice to hear this really crypto is changing the way people live...... Within next 5 years I feel the world will have to accept cryptocurrency!!

30.04.2018 12:20

Я полностью согласен, мир криптовалюты скоро будет властвовать

30.04.2018 15:59

Blockchain rules the world!

30.04.2018 18:57

Good post mate !!!

30.04.2018 21:11