xDAC - review

XDAC is the company working in the decentralized network which has the built-in protocol of incentives of PoW (Proof of Work) and also complex instruments of management.
One more difference between the xDAC company and typical hierarchy of a uniform object is that corporate or organizational management is regulated by the xDAC platform. Developed as "the self-sufficient decentralized ecosystem consisting of the enterprises motivated to benefit by their success without geographical restrictions", according to developers of the project, xDAC is focused on simplification and business management.

                                                                                    xDAC ICO 

                                                                               Name ---- XDAC
                                             Blockchain  ----  Ethereum-based (ERC20) token
                                                             Token Issue Volume  ---- 100,000,000
                                                             Token Sale Volume  ----  40,000,000
                                                                       Soft Cap  ----  1,500 ETH
                                                                      Hard Cap  ----  35,500 ETH
                                                                    Token Price  ----  0.001 ETH
                                                                          1 ETH  ----  1,000 XDAC
                                                              Min Purchase  ---- 0.1 ETH/100 XDAC

xDAC allows the enterprises to develop, operate and operate expansion on the decentralized basis, balancing with autonomy with existing CI and protocols that allows to extend to the new geographical markets quickly.

What is the offer of xDAC? Any ecosystem of xDAC can be considered as a number of various technological levels which are strategically connected among themselves. Thanks to a token of the utility and use of the open intellectual contracts xDAC allows to realize key aspects of expansion, providing basic construction blocks which allow to operate DApps and to operate independent agents in fast organic installation. 

Project management and teams, planning and monitoring of tasks and also automatic payments quicker and quicker, are more flexible and more economic on the xDAC platform.

How does it work? xDAC eliminates the traditional restrictions connected with expansion and also the most part of the expenses caused by necessary control. There is no need for typical reasons around expansion any more and also usual large taxes on treasury of the company in the course of realization as all management and many problems of development are decentralized now and are rigidly regulated on a block chain.

Who enters into the xDAC team? The main xDAC team is the skilled partner in applications programming headed by the project manager,  Oskar Duris , the founder of xDAC. Reporting to the Technical lead  Joseph Halter  Frontend developer  Sergey Anpilogov , key developer Blockchain  Dmytro Stepanenko  and QA engineer  Alex Harmash . The main team also includes  Benjamin McDermott  and  Michael Marquis  leading research. 

In recent years all of them actively participated in development of DAPP for uncountable clients, and the team has been joint to provide the correct experience applied concerning basic needs of the offer, satisfaction of needs of clients and structured for ensuring lawful future growth. Besides assistance to expansion of business, xDAC also seeks to establish standards of the decentralized business a key game of positioning.

Where there is xDAC? xDAC is the American company registered, the resident and acting in the United States of America. 

The phase Airdrop and pre-ICO has begun in March, 2018. Distribution of tokens and an official round of ICO will begin in April, 2018 and will be estimated in August, 2018 then further development and optimization will follow. Beta testing is planned for January, 2019.
According to the team: "Orientation of the xDAC platform is based on creation of the company and distribution of tokens. He also establishes standards for the decentralized enterprises. Irrespective of whether he uses all advantages of the decentralized book, the automated settlement of disputes or safety of the stored information, the platform allows any to create and operate any company without restrictions of geography Thanks to potential client base of millions of xDAC seeks to define tools and behavior of modern business.


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