Zypcoin is a crypto currency based on the Ethereum block chain, which will serve as a means of exchange and a utility token for the Zypcoin ecosystem. Zypcoin is the standard ERC20 marker, which sets a common set of rules for tokens released on the Ethereum block chain. The unlimited character of the Crypto-currency allows the exchange of value within a few minutes, using only the user’s mobile phone. Thus, Zypcoin serves to tokenize the user’s mobile number and allows users to purchase supplies, services and products in the ZYPLINE network.

In the future, Zypcoins will be the only way to install online pages attached to a mobile phone number. Users wishing to create their own page on Zypcoin will need to purchase through the Zypcoin website, the application or through an approved ZYPSTATION or partner who can transfer the fiat to Zypcoin in real time and install the ZYPLINE page in minutes.

As soon as the e-commerce product for flyers will be available in the world market, Zypcoin is likely to become the main medium of exchange, which will provide a seamless and user-friendly interface when purchasing through the ZYPLINE page attached to the mobile number. Using Zypcoins allows traders and local businesses everywhere to accept crypt currencies using only their mobile phone number. Zypwallet will allow ZYPLINE users and Zypcoin owners to send and receive information about their balance, view transaction history and much more. Zypwallet and Zypcoin serve as a gateway to the ZYPLINE ecosystem and provide access to their global network of users and partners.

Zypwallet will also allow users to receive rewards and promotional tokens through the Zypcoin Community Foundation. The Zypcoin Community Foundation will be used to encourage participation in the ecosystem. Tokens are used to finance community initiatives and specific future events. Tokens will also be distributed directly to members of the Zypcoin network based on pre-determined events and initiatives directly benefiting the ecosystem.

Zypcoin will promote the expansion and expansion of the patented and operational product and network of applications related to world markets. One of the main advantages and unique advantages of Zypcoin is its versatility and unlimited possibilities of use in the ecosystem and in neighboring networks. Systems will be developed to distribute tokens based on various contributions to the network. In addition, custom sets and instructions will be available to inform all participants about how they can benefit the ecosystem and how Zypcoin can benefit them.

Target market segment

Although the Internet seems to be a major part of everyone’s life, it’s hard to imagine that there are many businesses that are still not connected to the Internet because there are no Internet services available or the creation of conventional websites is too difficult, because it means a learning technology that includes consultants and monthly payments. This is easy to understand for developing countries, but it should be noted that even in the US with all available infrastructure and support, GoDaddy reports that more than 50% of small businesses do not have websites or Facebook pages.

Bank of America / Merrill Lynch defined this segment as an unused market of billions, which is about 56 trillion dollars in the e-commerce market for billions of people, mostly without a full Internet service.

The Zypcoin system serves a large segment of the market that currently does not have an online presence, which currently accounts for about 45% of the world without an Internet service, plus a segment that has internet, but lacks the necessary resources. Having an online presence is an important requirement in the market today — regardless of the size of the company — because consumers want to explore someone or the online business before they call. However, for various reasons, most global employees do not have an online presence. Zypcoin solves this problem by providing simple online pages and e-commerce for “Rest of the World”.

The latest US government statistics show that 54% of small businesses (16 million) in the US do not have websites; add consultants and freelancers (estimated at 55 million), and the numbers are much larger. Thus, calls and, for example, automatic display of working hours will be a powerful convenience and a great time saving.

All over the world, the figures are higher. At present, “informal work” is estimated at least 60% of all workers worldwide. Although about half of the 7.5 billion people in the world do not have Internet access, on the contrary, there are more than 6.5 billion subscribers to cellular.

This is a worthy and valuable segment of the market. These masters work and produce products or services, but have limited access to technology; but essentially owns a cell phone.

This is an unusual moment and an unusual opportunity. The best opportunity historically is when the technology reaches a large open-space market, where the time has come. The global informal market has become comfortable with technology and understands its strengths and applications. ZYPLINE wins from this new market reality; this is the target market and a sweet place to place Zypcoin tokens.


This is a cryptocurrency which is based on the Ethereum blockchain which will serve as a medium of exchange for the Zypcoin ecosystem. Zypcoin is an ERC20 standard token which establishes a common set of rules for tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The borderless nature of cryptocurrencies allows for value to be exchanged within minutes using just a user’s mobile phone. Because of this, Zypcoin will serve to tokenize a user’s mobile number, and will allow the user to purchase supplies, services, and products within the Zypline network.

Zypcoin is built on the Zypline patented connection-engine platform which provides a one-step direct connection to any online page from any user-controlled index (e.g. mobile number). The user has total control of index assignment. Zypline is not a search engine and it is a connection engine.

The ZYPLINE platform plans to issue a new "app-token" in order to repurpose and upgrade existing applications and systems, and deploy a unique distributor/agent strategy that matches the needs and processes of the sector (each being a "Zypcoin" or "Token" ).

The owners of phone numbers have control of displayed data because Zypcoin does not aggregate generally available data that can be collected on the internet (which can often be inaccurate or stale). Rather it gives the owner of a phone number total control of what is displayed on callers’ screens when the caller places a phone call to their number. The phone number owner uploads or authorizes an upload of content to the Zypcoin server and functionally says: “if anyone calls my number, display this content on their screen”

With the introduction of the Zypcoin token, it will serve to tokenize a user’s mobile number, allowing them to conduct e-commerce, promote their business, send and receive real value, and manage their own personal wallet or profile. The result will enable this large and underserved market to benefit from the online business, product and service displays and to participate in global e-commerce with just their mobile number and without the expense and hassle of a website. The borderless nature of cryptocurrencies as well as the widespread adoption of mobile phones allows for unique opportunities which have yet to be fully explored.

This is a well deserving and valuable market segment made up of artisans and sole proprietors who work hard and offer products or services but may have limited access to technology. Most of them, however, own a mobile phone.


Intended use of revenue:

  • Product / Software Development (35%)

Most of the funds raised from fundraising will be directly targeted at product and software development and includes tools that will help Zypcoin implement, innovate, and improve product offerings.

  • Marketing (25%)

Marketing is an important business activity that encourages users and partners to a business or product. This part of the budget is reserved for the costs associated with raising awareness of ZYPLINE.

  • Operations / General and administrative (30%)

These funds will be directed to the company’s main operating expenses, which will ensure the continuous growth and maintenance of the organization.

  • Legal and unforeseen (10%)

This part of the budget is allocated to unforeseen or legal costs.


This multifaceted strategy will allow ZYPLINE to become a leader in this large open

the global market. This plan is described below and the main stages of its delivery are presented:

Full pre-sale and public sale
Close ICO activate network — give tokens to holders
Moving relevant consultants / contractors to permanent key personnel
Hire additional staff: Development, M & A, BizDev and Marketing Managers
Marketing and social activities, including the launch of the Bounty campaign
Updating the main application and the registration system
Verified network distribution and systems

Pilot tests with selected distributors / agents
Configure biz dev units for key market segments
Official launch — registration of clients on the network, allowing to place a business profile
Marketing road show and local street events
Development of acquisition targets

System of rewards for distributors and agents on the spot
Create advertising options for the network and profiles

Creating Feed Channels for Zypcoin Reception
Providing the distributor with the opportunity to buy goods and services.
Test-pilot of e-commerce
Integration of payment gateways
Testing using ZypWallet (or partner purse) to make purchases in the field



For more information and joining Zypcoin’s social media, please follow some of the following links:

Website: http://www.zypcoinpresale.com/

Whitepaper: https://zypcoinpresale.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ZYPCOIN-WHITE-PAPER-4.9.18.pdf

Announcement Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3273210.msg34125974#msg34125974

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zypcoin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zypcoin

Telegram: http://t.me/ZypcoinOfficial

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