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The first generation of the digital revolution brought us the Internet of information. The second generation—powered by blockchain technology is bringing us the Internet of value, a new distributed platform that can help us reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better.
Blockchain is the ingeniously simple, revolutionary protocol that allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure by maintaining a tamperproof public ledger of value. Though it’s the technology that drives bitcoin and other digital currencies, the underlying framework has the potential to go far beyond these and record virtually everything of value to humankind.
In this sea of inovation and new technologies there are visionary projects that come to life in the form of ICO's and today i am going to present you with one of the most promising one on the market, SIDERA

You may be contemplating on the crypto coin that will be best for your investment. You might have even found yourself investing in one of these Cryptos but you did not gain your profit as you expected because, some developers, after hitting their target and making a huge sum of money, dropped the project, and left investors in the middle of no where. All hopes are not gone. Lets start a new page in you new or next journey to investment for profitable earnings. I will be introducing you to Sidera, a complete, end-to-end solution for non-contact retail and point-of-sale (POS) smartwatches including full-stack reference implementation of all components.


Sidera is a new platform that allows users in Retail Point of Sale (POS) to use smartphones and non-contact smartphones. Sidera is the first blockchain technology to use the first wearable decals.
Sidera is a complete, end-to-end solution for non-contact retail and point-of-sale (POS) smartwatches including full-stack reference implementation of all components. It includes a mobile application and point-of-sale (POS) terminal that is ready andworking. All of these components will be offered extensively through open source and open specifications.

Sidera will help create new and old needs, as well as large and small electronic money.

Sidera is focusing on Asia more specifically in Indonesia and China.
Half of all Southeast Asian people live in Indonesia. In China there are more than 700 millionpeople
use the internet. Sedira has a local team with a deep understanding of Indonesia and
China market with track records, connectors and products to suit your needs
Bridge of the market where Sidera is heading

The unique technology of Sedira

Wallet Bitcoin / ERC-20: Your money is stored OFF-CHAIN ​​on your wrist, with multi-layer encryption military
Our wrist-to-wrist technology: Our proprietary technology allows you to send or receive EQS, Bitcoin or any other ERC-20 tokens via offline transactions from the wrist to wrist.
NFC POS Payments: We build SmartBit devices with NFC modules that allow you to spend your money globally in any store.
Dozens of Mobile Notification features , auto-detect transaction addresses, ghost mode, custom watchfaces, QR generators, price alerts, deals and more!
Safe Burglary System Yourmoney can not be stolen, even if you lose your BitSmart or private key. We protected you with multiple layers of security.
Worldwide, scalable, completely hierarchicalBitSmart is the first hardware wallet you can carry on your wrist. It is completely decentralized, completely secured by Blockchain.

Unique Features Sidera Wearable Device (DWD)

Global Measured and Fully Decentralized - BitSmart is a hardware wallet that can be used on your wrist and is fully decentralized and guaranteed by blockchain.

Extra Features - Provides full-featured features such as automatic transaction address detection, mobile Notifications, customized watches, ghost modes, price alerts, QR Barcode generators, trades and more. This Wearable device has also been using BitSmart smart software that will provide the latest news, weather news and can trade using this device do not be a smart or wearable device. In the near future this device will be added with 2FA authentication for third parties. BitSmart software will be released OPEN SOURCE that can be developed by the community to add new features in want.

Offline Transactions by Approaching the Wrist - This Wearable device has a proximity projection that will allow smartwatch to interact with other BitSmart devices using Bluetooth or Wifi connection with a certain distance. This feature will make it easier for users to make transactions by simply closer between the wrist of the sender and receiver. You can transact cryptocurrency OFF-CHAIN ​​in the fully decentralized way even without other third-party applications.

POS Payments Using Internal NFC Module - This device is equipped with an internal NFC module that allows you to process POS payments very quickly. NFC system is cultivated more sophisticated in the current NFC appeal. You can shop at the store using NFC very easily and quickly.

Automatically Detect Transaction Addresses - BitSmart Smartwatch Device Users can send more bitcoin or cryptocurrency in a more revolutionary way, which will detect the transaction address automatically. If you get notified about bitcoin or other cryptocurrency addresses, it will be detected automatically and then you are given the option to close the transaction notification or send the funds to a specific address.

Sidera's Fix for: System Interruptions.
Since all the data that exists on the user's wallet is kept inside servers or on the cloud there's always the possibility that because of issues with network connectivity, scheduled or unscheduled maintenance the system will fail or go offline.This means transactions will be super slow or payments may not work at all. Sidera is using a proprietary form of cold storage technology to ensure all your coins/tokens are offline and won't need to be synced to and from a centralized location, all the funds can be sent or received conveniently using a crypto address which is generated into a QR code. This means there's no possibility for system outages.

Sidera's Fix for: Geographical Barriers.
One other major shortcoming of centralized digital wallets is their level of geographical restriction. Picture this as an example - as of this post samsung pay was only available in the UK, US, Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. That's only a subset of the international market.It makes sense though because before they can move into a new market they need to account for all the financial regulations within that country as well as account for all the currency imbalances.Sidera user's need not worry about this ever happening to them, because all the transactions occur on a peer to peer (should i say wrist to wrist transactions) level. There is also no need to adhere to centralized based regulations because all the values of cryptos tend to be constant in different markets, this means real-world applications for Sidera's ecosystem won't be confined to just a few suitable markets. It can serve a global audience with ease.

Sidera's Fix for: Potential Data Breaches.
Centralized digital wallets have a lot going for them, they have everything but security. Every time you use a smartwatch the merchants or parent company tracks and records significant amounts of data they can profiteer later. Data such as shopping habits, browser history, average spend, and other credit/financial information is gold for these data companies. The company with the most data will almost always have an edge over its competitors. It makes sense for them but it's bad for you.Criminals know robbing a bank would set them up for life, which is why banks invest so much into their security even though everything is insured: Armoured vehicles, armed security, specific protocols! All this to ensure the money is transported from one location to the other. We don't have this kind of protocol to guard our data. So hypothetically is someone hacked his way into these storage locations. Trouble. Sidera knows you don't need a middleman to facilitate seamless transactions, it knows that by placing the right technology in the hands of its users through its decentralized wearable devices they can and will do the rest.But just in case the companied has put in all the right security measures to ensure all its user data and assets are safe. By all i mean, encrypted layered technologies, a ghost mode, military grade AES-2048 protocols, biometric security and a zk-SNARK technology that allows all transactions to be encrypted but still able to be processed by the networks consensus.

SmartBit will be produced in three specific versions:

  • BitBand: multi-color interchangeable wrist strap with touch screen;
  • BitWatch Premium: Elegant 3-color intelligent clock with touch screen;
  • BitWatch Visionary: Elegant smart clock with touch screen and multi-layered security with face recognition and biometric sensors.


Target $ 15,000,000 USD
51.000.000 from EQUOS Token ERC20
1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS

Sidera, if there is a problem with unaccountable platform access, or enforced large delays, is entitled to extend the distribution phase to 15 days to ensure participation of contributors.

SOFT CAP : $ 1,500,000 USD
(if the soft-stamp will not be achieved during Pre-Distribution and Distribution, the funds will be refunded)

HARD CAP: $ 15,000,000 USD
(after the hard-cap is reached, the donation will be stopped)


1% of the funds raised will be donated to charitable organizations.













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