SERO - Zero Knowledge Proof based Privacy Protection Platform for DApps

The fever of blockchain seems to take on most of the current industries as we know of. Bitcoin showed us a glimpse of a world without banks and financial institutions. More and more blockchain applications are joining the race today. And what is really important, these technologies are suggesting that they can revolutionize the very way we live our lives today.
Many think that blockchain business applications will soon face a bubble-burst similar to the one seen in the cryptocurrencies market. Nonetheless, the technology just keeps evolving and coming back with new areas for its business applications. And SERO is presenting a revolutionary platform which is the world's first Privacy Protection platform which allows developers to issue privacy coins and use them in DApps, that means DApps can have Privacy features. SERO is the world's first privacy coin Protocol supporting smart contract using Zero-Knowledge Proof.


SERO is the world's first Privacy Protection platform which allows developers to issue privacy coins and use them in DApps, that means DApps can have Privacy features. SERO is the world's first privacy coin Protocol supporting smart contract using Zero-Knowledge Proof.

SERO (Super Zero) is the world's first blockchain system that truly realizes the complete privacy protection of blockchains through non-interactive zero-knowledge proof. Compared to the existing blockchain privacy protection technologies, SERO not only can realize the privacy protection of account and transaction information but also support Turing complete smart contracts.

Developers can also create their own encrypted cryptocurrencies supporting smart contracts based on SERO-Chain. SERO re-designed the blockchain structure and various underlying protocols, making Turing complete smart contract for privacy protection come true. Making privacy protection measures available for a wider range of application scenarios, and making the attacks on user’s private data more challenging with the advanced NIZK encryption algorithm. In addition, the upcoming SERO V1.0 release, NIZK encryption algorithm is thoroughly optimized, which greatly reduces the memory resources required and improves the computational efficiency. Compared with the mainstream privacy cryptocurrencies, SERO's supports of Turing complete smart contracts, privacy protection measures and its related decentralized applications have significantly broadened its use-case scenarios.

The SERO team considers the privacy protection measures required by the decentralized applications. The team also plans to provide solutions for the security of point-to-point network transmission and the privacy of the physical network address of the account, enables the centralized application to obtain powerful privacy protection functions when interacting with the centralized application or when interacting with the user's client.

SERO goal is to be the unique and leader of the privacy chain coin and projects in the coming future because apart from providing a platform that solves the issue of privacy in today cryptocurrencies space. Engineers and DApp developers will also benefit from SERO. A revolutionary, innovative and helpful platform for a wide range of decentralized applications (DAPPS), SERO have currently created an exceedingly refined motor that permits the acknowledgment of complex digital platforms with the very focused on security, privacy, and anonymity.

With a vast experience in on the field of blockchain and industry. SERO is a product of years of research to solve the problem of privacy and security issues in the modern-day blockchain. With a unique solution of supporting smart contracts and enabling the creation of Decentralized applications, SERO will be top class's privacy chain project in years to come.

SERO Protocols
SERO privacy security solutions are built on three main protocols which are Sero protocol, Alien protocol, and Castrol protocol.

Sero Protocol
This backs smart contract creation and privacy of digital assets.

Alien Protocol
It is a distributed DNS system that can use existing P2P network interaction information, has the functions of IP automatic switching and dynamic addressing, resists attacker blocking, and enables the entire data transmission network to achieve the ideal stable security. This comprehends the present security chance in the transmission of data inside a decentralized system.

Castrol Protocol
The anonymous protection of IP addresses can be realized through decentralized network, which can be used to protect the privacy of physical nodes in both centralized and decentralized networks. This gives the top of the line insurance to each and every hub on the internet inside a decentralized system.

SERO Design
In order to make the SERO design unique, they will be operating with these principles:

It is expected that every transaction on blockchain network should have an input or output, this construct an acyclic graph of transactions, this is base where all transaction flows and can be tracked, the purpose of SERO design is to break the link between the two transactions, this will make the attacks impossible

Every user on the blockchain network has their own collection address. Once an address is related to the real user identity, all transaction that takes place in the network can be associated with the corresponding user identity.

Anti-statistical analysis
Actual user behavior has statistical characteristics. If the transaction data in the blockchain network has a correlation that reflect such statistical characteristics, it is possible to deduce the addresses belongs to a specific user through statistical analysis of the blockchain data. When ring signatures are used, the ability to resist statistical analysis will decrease if ring members or nodes are malicious. SERO must be able to completely hide the address and the relationship between addresses by technological means.

Practicality principles
SERO, while hiding the transaction data, will not take all the information into its scope, which can be uneconomical and inefficient. SERO will consider the user's existing usage habits and concerns to carry out research and development periodically.

Optional auditing solution
For the alternative audit scheme and certain complex business applications, the user may choose a trusted third-party to conduct financial audit of transactions. The user should have the ability to give the third-party to track the specific information from the transactions.

Use Cases
Supply Chain System: With SERO system, the subject of publicity to commerce secrets and techniques may be fully solved and at the same time the participating parties can get pleasure from the advantages brought by the application of blockchain system.

Medical Health: The SERO system solves the privacy problems faced by patients and hospitals and also opens the way for insurance companies and in addition opens the method for insurance firms and pharmaceutical firms to be effectively compliant and use relevant information with the permission of patients.

Online Auction: Online auction companies pursuing justice and providing privacy are an important aspect and are often difficult to obtain due to conflicts of interest. SERO can provide a completely secure, independent and fair bidding environment.

Online Casino: Online casino applications often require a high level of privacy protection for competing strategies. In this huge cash flow application, a decentralized smart contract system that provides many bids, payments, and settlements is needed, and the SERO system can fully support this type of business.

Online Gaming: online games often need token systems that are easy to circulate, trade and settle, and can be issued and circulate based on smart contracts, while providing privacy protection of transactions. SERO is the only technical solution that supports a multi-token system that issues and circulates homomorphic smart contracts, with added transaction privacy for the accounts.

SERO Token and Usage
The SERO team has created a utility token which will serve as the main engine meant to drive the SERO ecosystem, SERO token will serve lot purposes such as:

Payment for bookkeeping reward and incentives.
Those who take part in the community development will be rewarded with SERO
SERO will be used to pay those providing algorithm as rewards for their services on the SERO platform.

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