SAITERM - Hi-tech heating system infused with energy efficient technology

A heating system is a mechanism for maintaining temperatures at an acceptable level, Building codes require that a heating system be able to just barely maintain a comfortable house during the coldest day of the year.
Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency markets have seen significant and unprecedented growth, with investors in the space earning huge profits. One major drawback, however, is that trading cryptocurrencies is a bit complicated and the recent influx of new projects into the market is quite overwhelming. As a result, investors that do not have the time, resources or expertise to do exhaustive research may end up making snap judgements and losing money. As such, it has become particularly important for investors to be cautious while making investments in ICOs and cryptocurrencies in general. This is because a large proportion of investors lack the knowledge to dissect projects, analyse teams or even to ascertain the authenticity of the claims made in the white paper. More so, even if these investors have the knowledge and expertise to analyse and make risk assessment for blockchain projects they may lack the time, resources, and in depth research required to make informed decision. On the other hand, there are multiple genuine cryptocurrencies and ICO projects that have viable products, and world class teams that have the ability to execute the vision and deliver revolutionary solutions within the space and this is where SAITERM fits in as they have developed a revolutionary innovative approach to heating of all types of premises, both residential and office, and warehouse, commercial premises. The main mission of the Spring system is its efficiency, environmental friendliness, ease of use and ultimate safety, both for people and for the environment.



Reducing environmental pollution is a necessity, a priority. The ever-increasing demand for electricity from the geographic areas still in constant economic development, as well as emerging countries, requires, on the one hand, using renewable energy sources as much as possible, and on the other, making systems that use energy from any more efficient type that is able to consume less. In this regard, numerous and important international agreements have been signed indicating the goals to be achieved in the future. This has prompted us to intervene on one of the most important parts, that of room heating, whether these are in homes, offices, shopping centers, warehouses or community centers, or industrial heat treatment, such as for drying paint, creating solutions that are so innovative that they not only move in that direction, but are able to anticipate future needs.

Saiterm has created the SPRING and RADIANT systems, which represent the most effective answers in terms of energy efficiency related to domestic heating and industrial heat treatment, therefore guaranteeing superior comfort and a healthy domestic and work environment for the former, and for the latter, increased production levels, reducing the cost of processing and emissions.


Spend too much resources;

The heating system itself is expensive, both during installation and during subsequent operations;

Price / quality is not suitable;


An innovative and revolutionary solution for energy-efficient heating for homes, offices, warehouses and utility facilities: Saiterm

Infrared light emitted by the sun, is a form of natural warming, which is most effective and felt by humans as the most comfortable. The SPRING system, a revolutionary and unique product in the world, improves the quality of infrared heating and greatly increases energy efficiency and usability. Infrared light does not heat the air, but gives heat to people and everything that surrounds us, walls, objects, and so on. The heat emitted by the SPRING system is evenly distributed and brings natural comfort and convenience. SPRING system, thanks to extraordinary, revolutionary and patented innovations, this changes every watt into pure heat.


The company, the product of which we will consider today, is called – Saiterm. The system they developed is called Spring.

This system represents revolutionary innovative approach to heating of all types of premises, both residential and office, and warehouse, commercial premises. The main mission of the Spring system is its efficiency, environmental friendliness, ease of use and ultimate safety, both for people and for the environment.

The story of the creation of Spring

The idea of creating this system was the nature itself, which is the best example and teacher for us. After numerous studies, scientists have come to the conclusion that for us the most comfortable form of heating are solar infrared rays. At the same time, they are natural for us and do not cause any harm to human health or the environment. After this discovery, Saiterm engineers began to create a patented Spring system.

The Design feature

The Spring system itself is a simple and concise form that can easily fit into any conceptual idea of the project, whether residential or commercial premises. All she needs is access to electricity, everything else she will do herself, but under your strict guidance.

Spring will have a remote control system that will perform all your actions, by means of a smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. This approach will not only regulate the amount of energy consumed, but also further save on those hours that you do not use while outside your home, office or warehouse. At the same time spring panels can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling, which makes them even more convenient and ideal for any type of interior.


Innovative spring panels are the best in the price / quality ratio. Because they are simple and easy to install and do not require additional materials and tools to manage them. At the same time, Spring does not have preferential fees or taxes, and they do not require additional maintenance and periodic certification;

The heat produced is not in vain, but is slowly absorbed into all the objects around it, ensuring a warm feeling that is uniform, comfortable and pleasant;

The spring does not heat the air itself, which allows you to breathe in easily and naturally, and also eliminates the use of moisturizers further, because they are not needed. Conversely, uniform heating on the surface at home, or other rooms removes common problems such as excessive moisture and mold;

Because of the lack of convection currents, which are so inherent in our traditional control system, Spring is able to solve problems such as uneven heating of the space and the people inside;

Among others, because of its beam system, Spring is able to relieve rheumatic pain, as well as beneficial effects on the microcirculation process in the human body and its digestion.


SAIEX tokens can be used to purchase Saiterm products at this time, as well as to buy innovative products that Saiterm will deliver to the market in 2019. Products that we will present in 2019 related to air conditioning, lighting, video surveillance and audio diffusion, are applied to both housing / civil sector, as well as for certain commercial and industrial activities.

Therefore it will always be possible to buy current and future Saiterm products with the SAIEX Token, as well as any thermotechnical design, software and / or system management applications offered by Saiterm. Saiterm is committed to selling its products in the list, with an assessment of 1SAIEX Token = 1 USD until the day on which SAIEX TOKEN will enter on the Exchange.

Token Details

Name: SAIEX Token

Symbol: SAIEX

Total Token supply: 100,000

Decimal: 18

Recommended for ICO: 50,000

Soft Cap / Goal: 1M USD

Hard cap: 50M USD

Standard tokens: Compatible with EIP / ERC-20

Blockchain: Ethereum

Can be printed: no (no tokens can be made)

Can be burned: yes (unsold tokens will be burned)

Token Allocation and Use of Funds


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