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PREPAYWAY (ICO REVIEW) - The New Paradigm of International Business

Blockchain technology is here to stay, we now hardly anybody would doubt that. Yet public opinion currently most times associates blockchain with cryptocurrencies and ICOs, so the potential of various technological benefits both for people and business is distorted. We have already spoken about the benefits of blockchain for the people, so let’s switch to the opportunities that blockchain brings for businesses.

No matter what size your company is, blockchain solutions will provide you with capabilities for easing and even eliminating most of the annoying routine procedures, enhancing your overall business model and increasing profits. It is of note to know that Investing in an ICO does not perform miracles or provide you with cheat codes to hack the realities of doing business. It is a system with a set of tools that make investing and doing business more efficient. Here is the deal, i'd be letting you on an incredible and revolutionary platform the Prepayway project and the unique team has built a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines international collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across multiple industries

About PrepayWay

PrepayWay is a blockchain ecosystem that simplifies and streamlines international collaboration, contracting, and payments for companies across multiple industries.
PrepayWay is an all-in-one solution for international contracting, financing, payments, and dispute resolution. PrepayWay combines the functions of lawyers, banks, escrow agents, and arbitral institutions. PrepayWay - simple solution for complex processes.By utilizing blockchain technology will make the transaction process more efficient, this will certainly provide liquidity for the participants and certainly can be accessed globally. On the other hand, by using smart contracts will reduce fraud or other negative things that can delay the transaction process.


Soolutions Offered by PrepayWay'

PrepayWay Real Estate
Contracting and escrow tool for real estate transactions;
PrepayWay Real Estate makes the real estate reservation process direct, flexible, transparent, and secure. It minimizes need for trusted intermediaries and prevents fraud losses. Use our valid contract templates to draw up contracts, sign them digitally, choose between fiat and digital currencies, and enjoy full protection of your reservation deposit stored securely on the blockchain.

PrepayWay Global Trade
Collaboration, contracting, and payments platform for global trade;
PrepayWay Global Trade is an integrated blockchain solution for fast, secure and convenient international business contracting, from creation to execution. Leveraging self-executing smart contracts and decentralized storage of transaction data, it replaces the traditional paper- and trust-based system with a fully digital alternative.
PrepayWay Global Trade automates contracting and payment processes, reduces transaction costs, and increases transparency, traceability, and efficiency of cross-border transactions in a wide range of industries.

Dispute resolution with our International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute;
The implementation of smart contracts in business is expected to speed up transactions and increase transparency and security. But is the current legal and regulatory framework appropriate for smart contract disputes? We believe that in order for the technology to deliver on its promises and for smart contract adoption to achieve a truly global scale, it must be accompanied by an evolution of dispute resolution services.

Cross-border decentralized financing platform;
Elleeo offers collateralized lending between PrepayWay Ecosystem participants and is also a standalone loans marketplace where investors and borrowers cooperate on the best terms. The role of Elleeo crowdlending in the Ecosystem is to help buyers and businesses finance international transactions and to simultaneously offer lenders attractive investment opportunities, ensuring capital is put to good use.

Elleeo supports only collateralized borrowing and safeguards lenders by performing identity, credit history, and collateral ownership checks. This approach ensures creditworthy borrowers receive unparalleled access to funding for their transactions, pushing Ecosystem usage and transaction volume to a new level.

Features of The PrepayWay Ecosystem

  • Legal Contract Templates
    Standardized yet customizable legal and enforceable contract templates will be provided by PrepayWay on their online platform. They will be created by legal experts and will be translated into many languages. This will erase the necessity of employing translators and lawyers. Since these contracts will be recorded on the blockchain, the problem of security becomes an issue of the past.
  • Smart Contracts
    The smart contract code facilitates, verifies, and enforces the negotiation or performance of an agreement or transaction. It is the simplest form of decentralized automation." So the conditions of the contract are coded in a smart contract, and it runs smoothly if participants fulfill the conditions, if not, a dispute arises and the smart contract is “frozen” until an independent arbitrator’s decision is issued.
  • Payments
    Fiat and digital payments are possible with the integrated payment solution of PrepayWay. Licensed escrow partners are ready as well.
  • Digital Currency Transaction
    Smart contract does not release the money of the buyer to the seller until the seller uploads proof of fulfillment of the contractual conditions.
  • Fiat Currency Transaction
    With the help of the escrow partner/bank, such transactions run smoothly.
  • Smart Dispute Resolution
    SmartArb (International Smart Mediation and Arbitration Institute) provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for international business disputes in smart contracts.

How It Works?

PrepayWay Blockchain Ecosystem has been designed to be self-expanding and effortlessly scalable to support all types of international business operations, ranging from real estate to global commercial trade, with market size of up to 15 trillion USD.

  • Service Providers
    Contribute to the development of the core elements of the Ecosystem.
    Banks, payment service providers, escrow agents Neutrals IT community Lawyers and notaries Other professionals
  • Core Elements
    Used by the Ecosystem participants as building blocks for the development of innovative Blockchain solutions.
    Fiat & crypto money gateways Smart dispute resolution Smart contracts Legal agreement templates Other core elements
  • Blockchain Solutions
    Every solution developed by PrepayWay or any other Ecosystem participant smoothly integrates some or all of the core elements of the Ecosystem to boost business processes.
    Solutions for merchants, logistics, crypto industry, and others. Real Estate Global Trade
  • Ecosystem Users
    Both business and private users reap the following benefits to improve performance:
    Global reach Security and transparency Reduced costs Speed of transactions Convenience


You are not limited by the scope of the space, that is, you can make trade, commercial and any other transactions wherever you are and from what country would not be your business partner;

Examples of contracts are drawn up in different languages to make it easier for you to learn them and not to waste time on their translation;

Contracts are always drawn up by professional lawyers, which increases the overall level of security of your transaction;

The contract is drawn up in such a way that its information form is accessible and understandable for each of the parties;

The developers made sure that the services for payment were the most accessible and convenient for all participants of PrepayWay. That is why they provide such an amazing opportunity to pay for transactions in both Fiat and electronic currency;

The use of blockchain technology allows not only to securely store all records, but also to protect them from any hacker attacks and other fraudulent activities.


InBit is a native token that will be used on the ecosystem and it's a utility token. Initially this Token will be based on Ethereum Blockchain technology (ERC-20) and maybe in the future this token can be swapped to their own blockchain (Still being developed to meet ecosystem needs). This token can be used by holders to pay for services available in the ecosystem. No more tokens will be generated after TGE until the PoUalgorithm starts.

Token Details

Token: InBit
Token protocol: ERC20
Type: Utility
Total token supply: 12 763 636 364 InBits
Token supply during Sale: 6,500,000,000 InBits
ICO sale date: 19 March, 2019
Token price: 1 InBit = 0.01 EUR
Accepted currencies: ETH
Hard Cap: 50,000,000 EUR
Country: Switzerland



If you have further interest in learning about PREPAYWAY, I have provided links below for you to view;











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