MIRACLE TELE - The World's First Fully-functional Blockchain Telecom System

Blockchain is one of the new technologies that deal with peer to peer data connection and gives an open, decentralized network to use. Powered by consensus algorithms every involved party gets a fair distribution and secure transactions. In simple terms, blockchain application is spreading like wildfire among the established industrial marketplace.
Starting off with simple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin it has now expanded to the new level of aspects. Industries such as banking, healthcare, insurance, supply chain and telecommunication can increase their efficiency using this new technology.

Communication is an aspect of man’s existence that binds all other aspects. Man, in essence, cannot do without communicating as he cannot do without eating. Through the advancement of technology, communication over long distances have been made easier. Telecommunication is the basis for almost all technologies in existence today. Through telecommunication we have access to the internet and all its subset like the blockchain technology. Here is the interesting thing, MiracleTele project has been developed to solve the problems been faced in the telecommunication industry as they have setup a revolutionary telecommunication platform that provides international call services and high-quality browsing services in one SIM card.


Miracle Tele is a telecommunications platform that provides international call services and high-quality browsing services in one SIM card. Miracle Tele is different compared to other telecommunication platforms, Miracle Tele uses blockchain technology that allows users to maintain their privacy and more importantly users can also get rewards from the services they use. This is the reason why Miracle Tele brought "magic" into the telecommunications industry.

Miracle Tele blockchain will be built using either Ethereum based solutions such as Plasma and Sharding technologies or Graphene protocol. It’ll allow for a massive improvement in scalability and throughput of transactions and result in almost nonexistent transaction fees, transaction approval times, and energy consumption if compared to Bitcoin blockchain or standard Ethereum blockchain. Tokenization of the company’s assets, which are virtual but tangible resources such as mobile traffic and airtime, will ensure the stable growth of TELE token value and protect it from the market shocks and volatility as well as let us issue prepaid debit cards that will support both TELE tokens and other cryptocurrencies and will be available for use all over the world. All of this makes Miracle Tele a comprehensive cross-industry product that provides its customers an easy and effective means to use sophisticated communication tools and advanced financial services all in one place, following the global trends for digitalization and decentralization of the most important aspects of our daily lives.

Miracle Tele wants to grow together with the world and tend to the changing needs of the telecom customers by offering them improved privacy, lack of bureaucracy, reduced rates, and value added services as well as freedom of access to financial tools via blockchain all in one place.

By offering an ultimate and fully-functioning solution that fuses advanced telco features together with fintech tools, Miracle Tele is setting the new standard in the mobile telecommunications industry—so that it becomes more competitive and innovative—and making it possible for the customers to receive rewards thanks to the blockchain technology and collaborative economy.

Fair play
One of the lowest rates on the telecom market via a pay-as-you-go model with no startup or hidden fees.

Deployment of a blockchain grid on top of our telco infrastructure lets all TELE token holders receive biweekly rewards

Zero paperwork
One-step registration with no contracts and no document requirements for SIM card orders.

Future implementation of advanced communications services and financial tools.


Miracle Tele is a mobile virtual network operator that provides high-quality international call and browsing services in one SIM card, making it possible for you to retain your privacy rights and earn biweekly rewards thanks to the tokenization of the company’s assets in Ethereum blockchain.

There are two ways you can benefit from Miracle Tele: Calling & Earning.

The first way you can benefit from Miracle Tele is by calling using the Miracle Tele SIM card. You will be saving a lot on calling fees. Save up to 98% on outgoing call fees; traditional roaming costs €1.12/min while Miracle Tele charges only €0.02/min. Save up to 100% on incoming call fees; traditional roaming costs €0.40/min while Miracle Tele is FREE. Save up to 89% on data traffic; traditional roaming costs €0.13/MB while Miracle Tele charges only €0.014. Sign-up on https://miracletele.com and purchase a Miracle Tele SIM card for only €10.

The second way you can benefit from Miracle Tele is by earning from stacking your TELE tokens. 40% of the total profit of Miracle Tele is paid proportionately to TELE token holders who stack their tokens. Add any amount of TELE tokens to your stack in order to start receiving rewards. While in the stack, your TELE tokens will be put on hold for a two-week-long period at the end of which you will get your biweekly token holder rewards. Remember that you are free to choose to either take out your TELE tokens out of the stack after the completion of the two-week-long period using the switch on this page or keep them and continue to receive rewards. Sign-up on https://miracletele.com and purchase TELE tokens for €0.10 each.


The system relies on a solid mobile virtual network infrastructure for minimizing the event prices and giving the users cheaper pay-as-you-go decision and network services which will be used on a world scale. On high of this infrastructure, we've deployed a blockchain steam-powered grid that creates it potential to tokenize the user assets and let all customers of the corporate purchase Ethereum primarily based tokens, TELE, store them and receive rewards due to the telephone service network growth. we have a tendency to tackle this drawback and obtain eliminate the extra paperwork so the purchasers will relish improved privacy during a blockchain steam-powered telecommunication service while not minimum term contracts.

This way, by making certain a sleek entry for our company into the market with zero monopolization, low risks, and low to zero competition we have a tendency to foster the expansion of globalization, free market, business, and suburbanised economy all around the world.

Miracle Tele: Own the mobile network

Miracle Tele provides high quality but cheap call and internet services in one sim card. Miracle Tele system is based on a solid mobile virtual network infrastructure for minimizing the development costs and offering the users cheaper unlimited and pay-as-you-go call and Internet plans that can be used on a global scale.
On top of this infrastructure Miracle Tele have deployed a blockchain powered grid that makes it possible to tokenize the user assets and let all customers of the company purchase Ethereum based tokens, TELE, use them to pay for Miracle Tele services or simply store them, and receive rewards thanks to the telco network growth.

Token Details

Ticker: TELE

Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

Available for sale: 150,000,000 TELE (50%)


ICO Price: 1 TELE = 0.22 EUR

Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH

Soft cap: 30000000 TELE

Hard cap: 150000000 TELE

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD, LTC, DASH, XRP

Bonus program:

Token price by stage:
Stage 1 (15.10-14.01) - €0.13
Stage 2 (15.01-14.04) - €0.15
Stage 3 (15.04-14.07) - €0.20
Stage 4 (15.07-15.10) - €0.22

Token Distribution

50% - Token Sale
20% - Promotion
20% - Team
5% - Bounty
5% - Legal

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Q1 / 2018
Core team formed.
Website and blockchain released.
Lightpaper prepared.

Q2 / 2018
Miracle Tele registered in the Czech Republic.
Prague office opened.
Contracts with mobile services providers signed.
Fully-functioning SIM cards in 163 countries launched.

Q3 / 2018
5 000 active telco users reached.
Android application.
MVNO licence from Czech Telecommunication Authority obtained.
Testing of TELE token rewards model finished.

Q4 / 2018
iOS app released.
Upgrading our APN server-side equipment for enhanced telecom system performance.
Negotiations with mobile carriers and preparation the infrastructure for the use of TELE tokens as payment for our telecom services.
8000 active telco users reached.

Q1-2 / 2019
Development of proprietary wallet started.
Free use of WhatsApp/ Telegram on Miracle Tele SIM cards enabled.
Payments with TELE tokens for our telecom services enabled.
Reaching 50,000 registered users.
25,000 active telco users reached.

Q3-4 / 2019
Proprietary multiplatform wallet released.
Negotiations with prepaid card issuers on launching Miracle Tele debit prepaid cards that support cryptocurrencies.
Development of a new blockchain for our telecom ecosystem started.
Reaching 100,000 registered users.
50,000 active telco users reached.

Q1 / 2020
Release of Miracle Tele prepaid debit cards that support cryptocurrencies.
Release of a new blockchain for our telecom ecosystem.
Incorporating VPN services into Miracle Tele SIM cards.
Listing TELE token on exchange platforms.
65,000 active telco users reached.

Q2-4 / 2020
Integration of Miracle Tele telecom services into IoT ecosystems.
Reaching 250,000 registered users.
125,000 active telco users reached.

Q1-4 / 2021
Reaching 500,000 registered users.
Over 200,000 active telco users reached.
Becoming one the world’s biggest MVNOs and going into competition with traditional telecom providers.


For more information, please visit the links i have provided below;

Website: https://miracletele.com/
Whitepaper: https://miracletele.com/files/whitepaper.pdf
Lightpaper: https://miracletele.com/files/lightpaper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4330150
Telegram: https://t.me/miracletelecom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiracleTelecom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiracleTele/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miracletele/
Medium: https://medium.com/@miracletele.mobile/
Github: https://github.com/MiracleTeleDev/

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