The Lotto and gambling industry are whetting the appetite of gaming enthusiasts. The gambling has gone through incredible changes at lightning speed, making it one of the most dynamic industries in the world. The alive casino wants to merge the world of the physical casino with that of online gambling.
Blockchain is already known as a breakthrough technology, one that brought more hope for future to a number of industries in our daily lives and online gambling is not an exception. Every day, countless transactions are carried out between operators and users: transferring money to the account, receiving winnings or exchanging crypto currencies. Blockchain technology makes transactions faster and simpler; no banks or other third parties are involved in the process, and all transactions are transparent to every participant. As we see, it’s better for both operators and players. Winnings can’t be blocked or confiscated by banks, so players don’t need to wait to receive their money. Fraudulent activity is lessened by the technology of blockchain because personal and other information is not controlled by one operator, and it is stored in different places.
My dear readers today i will be letting you into an incredible platform that is set to revolutioniize the gambling industry, that that is the Donocle platform.

DONOCLE is an overall LOTTO stage with more than 50 sorts of coins and tokens as items. Customers can screen the trade and stream of items through the ODF(Open Data Flow) structure. There will be JackPot reliably/week in DONOCLE. Furthermore, DONOCLE has an exceptional AIRDROP structure that is called DONOCLE POS SYSTEM. DONOCLE tokens are kept in this POS system.

The underlying 15 days from the store passes and the tokens are therefore cutting-edge into AIRDROP structure. DONOCLE is a token, yet we realized POS Solution to run AIRDROP on DONOCLE. Just holding DONOCLE token in DONOCLE POS System gives standard AIRDROP to the holders and this is the manner in which the structure works. DONOCLE gathering acknowledges that our existence and economy will be unequivocally associated with the blockchain business, and our long inclusion in on the web and convenient game industry will make the endeavor trustworthy.

Donocle offers two types of games:


A sensible and direct Blockchain LOTTO Game that clearly reveals the pool system, results, and the dissemination of prize. LOTTO 6/49 can be obtained using distinctive Cryptocurrencies as product. Sensibility and Security are increased by revealing Transparency the Blockchain based Raffle Method and Prize Money. The purchase of tickets is finish up using coins and tokens in the market. Flow relies upon the full scale aggregate of obtainment.

How do you play LOTTO 649?

Write a Ticket
Select six of the numbers from 1 to 49 and choose the amount to purchase. Write the ticket or use auto generator. We provide various ways of purchase, such as number generator, manual typing, bundle purchase. You can save your combinations and use it for later draw.

Buy Ticket
1 Ticket is pegged at 0.0001BTC and the corresponding alt coins have their price set by highly reliable Exchanges. Exchange that has price difference of 5% or more is excluded

You can purchase the ticket until 11:30 (UTC).
Drawings are held at every 00:00 (UTC). The drawing takes about 30 minutes.

The Winning Combinations are determined by a Bitcoin Blockchain-based algorithm.
After excluding the first two digits of the nonce value, the 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th, 9th and 10th numbers are used. The used numbers are from 1 to 49. The drawing result will be ‘Winning Numbers’ menu.The drawing result will be displayed at ‘Winning Numbers’ menu.


Prize Money

The prize money can be paid out until three months following the win. The winner must provide a “KYC” to the company within the 3 months of winning.

The Features

The Effective Raffling Process

The raffling process is initiated when the users purchase lottery tickets using any of the 50 types of tokens currently available on the zone. Consequently, users are offered with a six-digit number from the BTC nonce that is considered as a raffle number. In the end, the total coins paid out to lottery winners are distributed based on the winning ratio. Additionally, the number of coins issued, sales number, and prices are disclosed to the buyers to ensure trust and transparency. As sale progresses, these numbers are regularly updated.

Proof-of-Stake System — Offering Reliability and Security

To ensure secure profit allocation, Donocle has integrated Proof-of-Stake system. POS allows an individual to validate a block transaction as per the coin numbers that he/she holds. Therefore, with the increase in coin possession, players have more opportunities to generate wins/profits.
Additionally, Donocle’s Airdrop is a feature that offers users with the opportunity to earn steady returns. Users can deposit their tokens in the Proof-of-Stake system and receive regular incentives for the same. Airdrop funds are accumulated in the form of coins/tokens that were used to acquire lottery tickets on the platform. By the end of each session, the platform collects cryptocurrencies in the form of crypto coins/tokens, Donocle tokens, or MIB coins. Donocle allocates 10% of these overall funds for Airdrop. Therefore, when users hold tokens in the POS system, they get Airdrop incentives based on the POS proportion.


The Donocle platform uses the Donation Global Blockchain Lottery System. The DGBLS integrates blockchain with the Global Lottery System (GLOS), a system that is used by many operators in sports. The SmartX Blockchain Platform is easy to use, inexpensive, and lightweight as it uses the Blockchain Hash Algorithm. Other conventional platforms use the GPU or ASIC software that does not give the players a great experience. The Donocle B System rides the Blockchain Donation Direct Transfer System. The advantage of this technology is that it transfers funds to the beneficiaries in a safe and transparent manner.

With Donocle lotto, Winners are selected according to first generated blocks. The raffling process will take place for the numbers 1 to 49 only. So if there will be an overlapping case of numbers of the randomly chosen numbers , the next blocks will be generated. All of possibilities need to think so in case with the other patterns those numbers exceeding to 49, same way as in case with overlapping will be applied.

About Keno

This was invented to save an ancient kingdom from its time of war.
Starting from an encouragement tool for the laborers of The Great Wall of China, Keno had its entertaining and thrilling moment widespread throughout the globe and in front of us today.

How to play Keno?

The player chooses at least two numbers to maximum ten numbers between 1 to 80. After setting the wager, the game begins and the ball machine draws 20 random numbers which determines your winnings. Your prize will be paid out according to the number of matches.
Donocle KENO can be only played with DONOCLE Token. 1 Game Play : 2 DNL Token.


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