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ID Money - The first SOCIAL, PUBLIC AND GLOBAL crypto

IDMONEY will generate a unique user ID, exclusively owned by the individual. This will be a user’s self-sovereign identity. Not owned, controlled or dependant on a government, NGO, third party or corporation to exist.
IDMONEY will not only be used to integrate with government services (local or national) but also to login to all other virtual based services, including email, social media, e-commerce, etc.

IDMONEY offers a new crypto Governance model: One that is Social, Public and Global. Through the creation of IDMONEYtokens, the development of a tailored decentralized blockchain software, and an established model of governance, IDMONEY offers a solution through ownership. As the first public crypto, IDMONEY will take this three-tiered company and transfer ownership to three local governments.


IDMoney’s mission is to create a new governance model and free, distributed blockchain wallet to integrate crypto and self–sovereign virtual personality to enhance local development and citizens’ empowerment. In addition, IDMoney will seek to support the widest diffusion of the concept through a novel campaign of online educational videos. Uniquely, this model and platform will be social, Public and global:

20% of all created tokens are directly dedicated to combat poverty within the 3 chosen municipalities. As token value increases so does the cash impact of this 20% donation, both to individuals and the local economy. Therefore, as a sense of ownership, innovation in governance and reliability begins to grow within these local governments, so will the socioeconomic impact of the IDMoney project. Local governments will identify the beneficiaries and IDMoney will allocate these Crypto resources directly to the people who need it the most.

IDMoney will be the first crypto to engage forward thinking and socially conscious local governments. The municipality selection process will also be collaborative and transparent throughout the vehicle designated for this purpose (IDMoney Game App). Once selection process is completed, IDMoney will offer ownership of its shares to the 3 local municipalities that prove to be dedicated to supporting and promoting the implementation of effectual crypto legislation and economic activity. This partnership will serve as an example and learning opportunity for governments and the crypto community alike. Shares of IDM are in a trust, which is ordered to be delivered to local governments ONLY.

The free and global Money Making Wallet Application software is open to all and unique in its ability to generate money for the user through shared personal information. Chosen local governments that embrace and promote this software, recognize the fundamental right of virtual personality and the importance of workable governance, will lend to the further success of IDMoney. Virtual identity information is a billion dollar industry governed and controlled by tech giants and data brokers, that is clearly not in alignment with the fundamentals outlined in your virtual rights.

MONEY MAKING WALLET was developed to allow each user exercise their fundamental human right to a virtual personality through the establishment of a self-sovereign identity on the IDMONEY network. The wallet not only allows users manage their personal information but also enables them to earn from it through the sale of their personal data to financial institutions and marketing firms.

The MONEY MAKING WALLET software evolved from a fraud-prevention software which has been effectively used SCOTIABANK since 2007 and has the capability of storing multiple cryptocurrencies


Token Name: IDMoney
Token Symbol: IDM
Token Type: Ethereum Token Standard (ERC20)
Utility Purpose: Provide Access to the IDMoney Game App
Token Price: 1 IDM = 0.00075 ETH
Minimum Purchase Amount: 0.1 ETH (134 IDM)
Soft Cap: 500 ETH
Hard Cap: 12,000 ETH
Accepted payment method: Ether
The maximum purchase of IDM tokens is one million IDM.

Token Distribution

Token sale
Whitelisting begins: April and May 2018

Pre-ICO starts: 1–30 June 2018
ICO: July 1 — August 31, 2018




Since the birth of the idea based on freedom, IDMONEY team has worked together for more than 12 years in various fields. We are a skilled group consisting of developers, system architects, blockchain managers, payment experts and financial systems, and more.

Our team is based in Costa Rica.
In an area that has seen its instability, Costa Rica has a stable democracy, a highly educated workforce, and provides homes for large transnational corporations. Companies like Intel, Oracle, Coca-Cola among many others have relied on Costa Rica’s economy and labor to develop the most valuable and important components for their operations.

5 plus years of experience in sales and new business, expertise in driving new business to completion by acquiring
invest and develop the business itself.

Master in Project Management; work experience more than 5 years managing project, CEO of retail company for 5 years.

18 years experience in communication and post production. Audio and video editing skills that make it win some post-production awards. Also known as a professional illustrator and a good artist.

Publicist — Designer & Graphic Producer. 19 years experience working in various advertising agencies, transnational and local. A huge sports fan and expert in video games.

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