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HubrisOne - Your cryptocurrency friendly digital bank. Compliant, Regulated, and Secure.

The Blockchain Technology keeps on expanding in ubiquity and also its appropriation because of its genuine utilize cases in different parts by people, firm, and governments. The revolutionary technology impacting different industries miraculously was introduced in the markets with its very first modern application Bitcoin. The influx of people into the cryptocurrency market has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology, embracing thenew technological innovation has helped reshape the world.

In this sea of inovation and new technologies i will be introducing you to a visionary project that come to life in the form of ICO's and today i am going to present you with one of the most promising ones on the market which is HubrisOne a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional fiat bank account combined into a powerful, intelligent, regulated and compliant digital Apple and Android app. We are focused on merging the benefits of these two powerful industries, seamlessly. The team have designed HubrisOne to be easy to use, secure and intelligent. HubrisOne is more than just a digital cryptocurrency friendly bank account. It's a statement to the world that we believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay and they should be taken seriously.


HubrisOne is increasing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption through a simple, innovative and user-friendly platform. We enable our customers to easily access instant blockchain cross-border money transfers, multi-currency bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and much more. Issues with current banking systems being centralised — maybe full decentralisation is not the way forward but some aspects needs to decentralised to avoid such cyber attacks


Our vision is to become the connector between the old world of finance and banking to the new world of cryptocurrencies. In a new, secure, regulated and user-friendly way. There is a need for a regulated, trusted and licensed go to solution/platform that gives a helping hand to new investors into the cryptocurrency market, whilst still maintaining the importance of their trusted banking system they use on a daily basis. We must not make the mistake to try and eradicate banks but instead to improve their current processes and services on offer by leveraging the technology such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
We aim to become the world’s first cryptocurrency friendly digital bank, fully complaint and regulated within the United Kingdom. Just imagine, your day to day banking facilities, accounts, and cryptocurrency wallets side by side. Banking made digital, secure and cryptocurrency friendly.

Problems HUBRISONE Seeks to solve

In the world of cryptocurrency today the industry lacks fluid connection to the world of fiat currencies. Existing applications are not consumer friendly and lack friendly user experience. There is no focus on adoption and we are here to change that.

Solution Provided

Hubrisone has built a cryptocurrency asset and fiat account management solution that makes it easy to connect your fiat current account for easy entry and exit into the cryptocurrency market. All of your important cryptocurrency services under one roof. Powered by the HBRS token.
An all-in-one cryptocurrency-fiat friendly platform that houses cryptocurrency assets, fiat currencies, crypto-lending capabilities, cross-border payments, instant exchange, and integrated wealth aggregation solutions, wrapped in an easy to use user-interface. Check out our solutions here.

  • The Growth of Smartphone Usage and Unbanked
    The growth of smartphone usage aligns with our growth plans and direction of developing an app only digital banking solution which is lightweight, secure and accessible. In saying this, there are over 2 billion unbanked adults who do not have access to the banking infrastructure that we take we granted.
  • Increasing Cryptocurrency Adoption
    The HubrisOne app will increase the adoption rate through our cryptocurrency integrated digital banking accounts.
  • Instant Digital Bank Accounts
    We’ve made it extremely easy and simple to create a bank account in GBP, USD and EUR dominated currencies. This means, upon approval of KYC and AML users will be able to transact, transfer and store funds as they would in their bank account today. For free.
  • International Transfers using Stellar Blockchain
    There is no need to wait 3-5 days for intentional payments to arrive, we have made it extremely easy for users to transfer funds from their HubrisOne bank account using secure blockchain payments, this brings many benefits never seen before in the banking industry.
  • Secure Cryptocurrency Wallets
    Imagine, completing your daily banking tasks and seamlessly exchanging, converting and transacting fiat to cryptocurrency in a few taps, no need for sending crypto from one vendor to another.
  • Secure Digital Account and Card Management
    Now you can have your banking and cryptocurrency wallets in one place, organised, secure and simple. As digital ownership grows, we foresee banking will be the next industry to be disrupted digitally. We’ve moved everything from the old fashioned long waiting times on the phone to digital self-account management.
  • Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange
    a. Use our auto exchange function to exchange between your bank account and cryptocurrency wallets. Instantly. Fees from only 0.60%.
    b. Easy to use, user-friendly and instant. Stabilise your exposure to cryptocurrencies by quickly exchanging to fiat.
    c. Up to 200 cryptocurrencies and selected alt-coins will be available upon launch.
  • Secure Contactless Personalised Card
    Multiple accounts, one card. Within a few taps you can connect your debit card to your bank account, cryptocurrency wallet or set your account to auto-spend from a nominated account. We’ve simplified each step and made it seamless to connect users to the world of cryptocurrency and the traditional world of banking.
  • Security & Ownership
    HubrisOne will integrate and implement the strictest security features to ensure consistent trust, integrity and reliability of the app.


  • Instant crypto-back lending financing
  • Transfer fund instantly to your HubrisOne bank account.
  • Instant decision in 2 seconds
  • No credit check required
  • Flat 10% interest rate



Hubris Utility Token
The HBRS token will be the bloodline of the HubrisApp. If the Hubris App is the road, the HBRS token is the cars, trucks and the motorcycles. They are both very dependent on each other.
The HBRS token will be a functional utility token within the platform, this will allow users, investors and our customers to access the following, the list is not exhaustive and further functionalities may be added in due course:


Token: HBRS
Hark Cap: 16 000 000 USD
Goal: 800 000 USD
Price: 1 Hubris = 0.01 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum

Use of Proceeds





White paper:

Author: BrainerdPaul
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=1680409

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