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The Blockchain is rapidly conquering the world, and there are no doubts that eventually, every sphere of our life will be “blockchainized”. Logistics is yet another industry that has “fallen victim” to this genuine technology.
Communication flows and logistics are essential aspects of human existence as they form the backbone of the transfer of goods, services and value.
As international trade and logistics continue to grow, more efficient methods are being developed to enable effective service delivery and value transfer. With this been said i will be introducing you to a reputable platform which is revolutionizing the logistic industry and they have developed a global logistics industry that utilizes blockchain technology to secure users data and to facilitate information and value flows. It operates with specific gadgets to record information from trucks, then encrypts it, and securely saves it on a blockchain.

About Goose Q

Goose Q is a DAPP developed for the global logistics industry that utilizes blockchain technology to secure users data and to facilitate information and value flows. It operates with specific gadgets to record information from trucks, then encrypts it, and securely saves it on a blockchain. The platform is already deeply integrated into existing Chinese logistics IT infrastructure, that includes cargo companies, vehicle carriers, actual transport vehicles, drivers and other platforms, thus Goose Q is able to gather a full range of visual, verifiable, trusted, traceable, anti-fraud data and securely process it with help of DLT. In order to increase driving safety and reduce amount of traffic accidents, Goose Q combines a variety of safe driving algorithms that analyze high scope of environmental information and provide users with comprehensive safe driving services. Goose Q is committed to become a pioneer and leader in blockchain for the logistics industry.

The logistic industry is an important segment of any economy and it is an essential component for upgrading and facilitating primary, secondary, and tertiary industry tiers. At present, the service industry in the US, Japan and other developed countries has accounted for more than 70% of GDP, and middle-income countries are generally between 50% and 60%.

Goose Q adopts the combination of public chain accounting and graphic evidence (multimedia evidence with pictures and video) to form a strict multimedia verification and anti-fraud authentication system for different roles. It is also the guarantee of the fair token circulation on the platform.

Problems Goose Q

Chinese logistics industry is still in the developing stage and has huge potential for improvement and expansion. These are some problems being faced in the industry;

High Accident Rate: Trucks are the most accident-prone vehicles and in China lethal rates are nearly 6 times higher than in USA taking into consideration that amount of trucks is nearly equal.

Lack of Data: Government authorities, logistics companies, insurance and financial institutions, and businesses focing on traffic and road conditions, autonomous Vehicle development, and maps require a lot of road data.

Drivers' Well-being: According to the survey of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing nearly 95% of truck drivers are not satisfied with the work conditions that implies extra stress and operational risks.

Fake Invoices: Fake invoices is a big issue in China multi-billion logistics industry that account for about 10% of the total turnover harming logistics companies and tax department.

The Solutions provided by Goose Q substantially improve efficiency of the logistics industry, reduce related cost, and increase safety on the road. These are:

Advanced Driver Assistance System: ADAS helps drivers to keep the lane, avoid collisions, control their drowsiness level, and more, thus it increases road safety.

Big Data Infrastructure: Combination of automotive hardware and software with centralized and distributed data storage, hot cache, and blockchain allows Goose Q efficiently collect and store road data.

Social Entertainment: Daluka sim-card and Jiama Road Messenger provide excellent socialization and communication medium free of charge.

Automatization and Encryption: Digitalization of logistics industry documentation being conducted by Goose Q substantially increases trustworthiness of business data.

Goose Q and Blockchain Technology
The use of blockchain technology by Goose Q DAPP can provide powerful information technology support for the logistics industry. The logistics industry is huge, and any centralized model cannot effectively solve the problem of mutual trust in the entire industry. Combined with the decentralization feature of the blockchain technology, it is possible to unite partners at different levels of the logistics industry, and at the same time improve the robustness of the system and avoid the whole service being unavailable because the single center was affected.

Blockchain technology utilizes a variety of sophisticated digital encryption technologies to ensure data security and greatly reduce the risk of data being illegally accessed. All partners who join the Goose Q will be certified by real ID to ensure they have the right to submit and view data on the chain. The hardware devices connected to the Goose Q will be verified by the software running environment to ensure the accuracy of the hardware device data. With Goose Q, the following support for the logistics industry can be provided;

Provide mandatory multimedia data verification for the government. Credible data based on strong supervision provides credible reporting for the logistics industry.
Logistics industry associations can conduct data collection and mining research and training so as to improve the level of industry development.
Control supply chain processes through smart contracts, reduce human interaction,
reduce default issues, and improve industrial efficiency.
Goose Q ecosystem has its own sim-card that enables high market penetration rates,

Goose Q integrated communication solution - Daluka sim card
Daluka sim-card is a heavyweight and comprehensive product launched by China Unicom and Goose Q after “Tencent king Card” and “Alibaba Card”. It is targeted to bring benefits of communications technologies to 30 million logistics workers and their families. Dialing calls between Daluka is free, so that truck drivers can chat with their families without worrying about the cost. And partner applications operating in logistics industry who join Goose Q "Daluka free traffic alliance" can get use of it as well to reach their market.

Features of Goose Q Sim Card
Free calls within the network: Standard package is about 35 per month and calls are free within the network to allow drivers communicate smoothly with their families while far from home.

Launched with China Unicom: China Unicom, the 4th world largest telecommunication service provider, started to cooperate with Goose Q in December 2018.

Targeted on truck drivers: China unicom is opening up the niche market of truck drivers through Goose Q business network.

Token Details

Token Name: GQ (Goose Q)
Total supply: 10b
Token ticker: GQ
Ciculating supply: ~1%
Blockchain: ERC-20
IEO price (past): 1 USDT = 350 GQ

30% Mining, automatically released by smart contract according to DPOS
algorithm, halved every five years.
15% Ecosystem cooperation, airdrop and other services.
25% Foundation's daily operations.
20% Sale.
10% Team. Locked for five years, releases 2% each year.

GQ token is being traded on and other 4 smaller Chinese exchanges.



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