In today's world, the gaming industry have more than 2.3 billion user that generates income and great value to entrepreneurs and companies (more than 108.9 billion USD annually). A turnover of transactions that occur through gaming platforms evolve exponentially but at the same time leads to several problems.
One of the main problems is the lack of liquidity in the system. Gamers spend hours to enhance the capabilities of competing and the level of their victory, collect rare artifacts, bought a particular skin, improve their characters, but exchanging them when they want to, they have to rely on centralized payment system which is largely provided by the external market. While the game developers productive on average 30% reduced by popular markets and publishers.


FLUX is a decentralized global gaming ecosystem that allows players to earn rewards for competing, trading and streaming. It also allows developers to crowdfund their ideas inside the platform and make money from uploading their games. Through Blockchain technologies and smart contract, FLUX’s aim is to cover all areas of gaming to create an ecosystem for both players and developers.

The vision of Flux is to cover the global market in the gaming space and create a full ecosystem that will benefit all users and many of his interests. We are happy to invite everyone to be part of the global business worldwide. FLUX’ concept revolves around creating a unique global gaming ecosystem where players, developers, traders, and the gaming community can convert time spent into gaming token FLUX COIN. The platform also creates a competitive gaming atmosphere that offers a marketplace for games, online streaming, and trading in-game items. Using blockchain technology, gamers, developers and investors will get rewards for matchmaking competitions, trading items on the marketplace and even crowd funding their own ideas within the platform, in a transparent and automated way.


The main problem often encountered in the gaming industry is liquidity in the system. All types of payments are centered on the systems provided by most external markets. Sometimes the efforts of gamer and developers are not worth the rewards they get. As a metaphor for gamer will certainly spend hours to improve their competitive skills and achieve the highest level then what do they get? Only satisfaction alone without producing anything. Meanwhile, game developers only earn an average of 30% only, after reduced by popular markets and publishers.


Flux offers solutions by providing systems that will allow players to earn rewards. The investors and developers will also be given certain commissions from each game as well. By using blockchain-based technology, the entire system will become more transparent, so this platform is great for expanding the game industry and helping to integrate cryptocurrency in real business. Flux’s vision is to encompass the global marketplace in the game room and to create a full ecosystem that will benefit all users and stakeholders. We are glad to invite everyone to be a part of global business.


The ecosystem flux brings together all the components of the industry. Now everyone can get a decent reward in flux tokens that can be easily redeemed in the open market. This ecosystem is built around the game process. While players compete and get Game1 using Platform matches and trading items related to Game1 in the flux Trading Platform, or items purchased at the flux store, Vendors (game creators) upload Game1 to the developer flux market get a share of the transaction and the bet. The several platforms that are offered FLUX as follows:

Platform match: Flux allows every player to compete in the game from the list of available games, and earn opponent money after winning.

Market developers: The FLUKS market is a marketplace for developers geared toward competitive game monetization. FLUKS takes a 0% commission for downloads or purchases of games made through the mobile app for such games

Trading platform and save: The ecosystem flux will have its own trading platform where each participant can trade goods available at the flux store.


For players:
• Ability to earn real money using game skills;
• support for mobile games;
• Wide range of games;
• User-friendly interface;
• Achievements and daily tasks that imply additional income;
• regular and custom tournaments;
• the ability to develop your account;
• knowledge that each transaction is safe because of the decentralized system;
• Data confidentiality for all users;

For developers:
• Simple registration process for opening accounts;
• Quick check of games;
• Income from each game session;
• 0% commission for each game transaction for competitive games;
• 2% commission for each gaming transaction for non-competitive games;
• Constant support of the FLUX team;
• Rapid audience growth due to tournaments organized by FLUX

For Traders:
• Allow to buy game skins using tokens.
• Allows to trade game skins using tokens.
• Allows to create game skins in the Steam workshop and by using the FLUX audience's voice to receive certain skins. In terms of revenue, 20% of sales slip between voters, 60% to leather writers, 20% to FLUX.

For Streamer:
• 3,000 on-stream viewers playing FLUX will get a 10FC reward for streamers.
• Available donations in FLUX COINS etc

FLUX Market - a base for developers, focused on the monetization of competitive games. FLUX accepts a commission of 0% for downloads or purchases in the game, made using mobile applications. In this case, FLUX helps developers increase the demand for their games and receive additional profit, and also gives them the opportunity to develop and distribute games without paying a commission.
FLUX will provide game developers with an open source API, as well as the ability to submit an application for downloading the game with our help.

FLUX sees market share for the gaming industry very promising. The business opportunity in this industry opens very wide especially if combined with the use of cryptocurrency. Both of these bring the game industry into a more advanced and practical realm. Maybe Flux is not the only platform that combines these two great things, but there’s something more Flux will offer than similar platforms.


FLUX token (FLUX) is the cryptocurrency that drives the FLUX economy. It is a form of digital payment that users make to the platform in exchange for unique virtual goods, streaming games, and even for crowdfunding their ideas within the platform.

Token Symbol: FLUX
Token background: FLUX is built as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.
Token Sale Public stage will take place on April, 17
Soft cap: ACHIEVED
Token Exchange rate: 1 FLUX TOKEN = 0.5 $
Accepted Cryptocurrencies, Payments System for the Token Sale: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, DASH, ETC, LTC, ZEC, VISA, MASTERCARD, USD, EUR, SHAPESHIFT, BNB, KCS.



For more information please visit the links below;

Website: https://flux.fund/en
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PmmyqfGD8qNiK8Tzk61ihhU8tAgeBjMx/view?usp=sharing
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2451003.msg25097060#msg25097060
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FLUX_PLAY
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flux.gamers
Medium: https://medium.com/@FLUX_GAMES
Telegram: https://t.me/FLUXofficial

Author: BrainerdPaul
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