Ethereum Card - A Revolutionary Global Shopping & Trading Currency Including Escrow Services Platform

Many countries have followed suit to use emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. While the emerging technology of the large distributed register is of interest to governments around the world , cryptocurrencies have had to be accepted as a form of payment.
The excitement generated by the price explosion in 2017 has not been enough for the moment to convince the stores, from all over the world, to accept Bitcoin and altcoins. Are the attractiveness and relevance of these crypto-currencies today being called into question? Not necessarily.
There are many advantages in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies when compared to classic payment and business solutions. Cryptocurrencies are faster, more transparent and much less expensive when used for money transfers and a great solution for personal savings and online shopping. Blockchain technology is expanding its possibilities with many new projects on daily bases. It is hard to imagine that these technologies won't become generally accepted and used by the majority of people in the world in a short period.
Still, some obstacles need to be overcome before this happens. The major problems are volatility of cryptocurrency value and simplicity of usage. Even for all of us inside of crypto world, this may seem like a minor problem, this usually represents a major problem for the general population and giving them a reason not to use blockchain in their everyday life.

The future market for cryptocurrency payment solution will become huge and worth billions of USD in the near future. For this reason, we can see many blockchain based projects aiming to take a part of it with their payment solutions. I just made my due diligence on ETHEREUM CARD project and discovered a great potential in their solution.

Ethereum Card Platform

Ethereum Card is Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for global shopping & trading currency including escrow services for all stores, merchants and brokers and help to increase the day-to-day transactions as well as low transaction fee with the use of MultiDimentional contracts and reverse transaction on the blockchain technology.

The Ethereum Card aims to reach big relevance into global shopping & trading currency including Escrow services for all Stores, Merchants, Brokers. The big change coming with reverse transactions enabled on its own blockchain (Mainnet) will offer traditional services to a huge population not familiarized with blockchain irreversible transactions.

About The Ethereum Card Token

Ethereum Card token on the blockchain is the digital, distributed, and decentralized ledger of virtual currency that's responsible for logging all transactions done from shopping mart, trading, brokers transactions and escrow services without the need for a financial intermediary, such as a bank. In other words, it's a new means of transmitting funds accross the countries.

About The Ethereum Card Escrow Community

What is Ethereum Card Escrow services?

Ethereum Card escrow services is a financial arrangement on our community where we holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. It helps make transactions more secure by keeping the payment in our secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement in a shopping mart or brokers or on stores are met as overseen by the Ethereum Card.

Reverse Transaction Enabled

Ethereum Card will be enable reverse transaction feature for MultiDimentional contract on our Mainnet on the blockchain technology.

This feature is a new transaction that replicates the original transaction, but with debit amounts shown as credit amounts and vice versa. After posting a reversal transaction on the wallet, you have two transactions (the original and the reversal), but the account balances appear as if the original transaction was never posted to your balance but reflect on your account history. A reversal transaction is automatically posted to the same account for the same amount as the original transaction. You cannot change the amount or account of a reversal transaction. However, the two parties will engage in an agreement of reversal which enable us to send confirmation to the second party wallet and automatically authorized on the blockchain.

The Features

The Ethereum Card ensure swiftness, security, transparency & proven record in finance, development, marketing of the project:

Reverse Feature

Reverse transaction feature

The ETHCD Mainnet enable users to initiate and reverse the transaction within a specific given time.

Ultra Fast

Instant Transaction

The ETHCD is swift in initiation of multiple transactions within a second on the blockchain technology.


End to end security

The ETHCD ensure the end to end security on every transaction initiated on our blockchain.

Highly Scalable

Limitless Applications

The ETHCD Mainnet is effeciently designed distributed system, adding and removing nodes easily.

Escrow Services

Escrow services for the community

The ETHCD escrow services portal ensure the safety of any transaction / deal within the two parties.

Reliable & Low Cost

Low transaction fee

The ETHCD run on low transaction fee / charges for all transactions done on Mainnet.


The Ethereum Card Team combines a variety of features on this project in order to bring you the best and to make cryptocurrency and blockchain more legit and to increase the day-to-day transactions accross the countries that bring us better futures.

The Ethereum Card give chance to shop globally & trade around the world, plus an escrow services.

The Ethereum Card makes you the sole owner of a secure wallet on the blockchain.

Ethereum Card provides you an escrow services for your business between the two parties.

The Ethereum Card Mainnet built with reverse transaction featurethat enable the two wallets to send reversal confirmation on the blockchain for the authorization.

About The Token Sale

The Ethereum Card Token (ETHCD) is instant distribution and it is automatically transferred to the buyer wallet instantly; upon the confirmation of investor contribution on the blockchain network. However, if the ICO sale of ETHCD is not suitable for all investors since we have received many requests to go for IEO because it’s in vogue now for all traders and investors around the world. If happened that hard cap did not reach, then announcement of IEO platform will be broadcast in all our social channels and platform for all investors.

Token Details

Token sale stages

The Ethereum Card Token (ETHCD) token sale stage is as follows:

Token Allocation

The Ethereum Card Token (ETHCD) is distributed following this setting. Distribution is automatically transferred



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